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 the Rift -Aang and Katara
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the rift
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Over on tumblr someone had asked me for my opinions on this video: link It is about 50 menit long, but, in my opinion, is well worth the watch. So I decided to watch it and give my thoughts.

I definitely agree with the first part where the narrator says that Azula’s psychology is the result of a broken family and poor parental upbringing.
But I do disagree with the sadism bit. I’ve typed about this many, many times. I feel like there was really only one time that sadism could be argued and that was when she smiled at the burning of Zuko’s face. But beyond that, I feel like sadism is...
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I am quite sure every person in the avatar fandom has heard about Zutara and Maiko dozens of times many of those occasions in complicated shipping wars something this artikel is not here to initiate. But how many times have anda heard of Jinko? How many even remember who Jin is? I am willing to bet not many. She was the girl that Zuko dated when he was stuck in Ba Sing Se as a fugitive of every nation including his halaman awal and was disguised as a refugee of the name "Lee". In Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Jin was a sweet, innocent, charming girl that had a crush on Zuko and frequented Pao's teashop a lot...
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I've seen it commonly argued that Azula is a sadist and a killer and I disagree whole-heartedly for various reasons. For one thing, she is still a child, a child from an abusive and dysfunctional halaman awal at that. For seconds, I've always felt as though she has really done nothing different than any other character at the end of the day. I also believe that redemption is very possible for Azula. I wanted to elaborate on this oleh pulling things from old debates and artikel I've written, just to throw my opinions into a lebih organized format instead of having to re-type the same points every time...
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A big topic of discussion around Azula is usually what kind of mental illness she has, I tend to discuss that lebih and put less talk into the reasons for her losing it.

I've always seen it as a combination of things. She was raised in a broken halaman awal with a banished mother and a banished and burned brother. I’ve always imagined that her father was very verbally abusive and put a lot of pressure on her to be perfect. And for a while she was perfect, but the menit she lost grip on that she started to slip. She was betrayed oleh both of her friends and then very shortly after that blow her father...
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Something that I think about and mention a lot is how Azula was raised. Namely that she was basically a human weapon for Ozai. He pretty much saw her raw talent as a kid, the potential for power, and groomed her as a war child. In doing this I think that he gave her a very warped sense of self worth among other things. For as hard as she pushes other people, I feel like she holds herself to very high-standards too; no doubt that it's because of how she was raised.

Despite her confidant bravado, I honestly I feel like Azula could be probably one of the most insecure characters on the show. Hear...
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