astrologi How do anda feel about each sign of the Zodiac?

Schnusch posted on Nov 14, 2011 at 05:19AM
I want to know your personal experience with each Zodiac Sign! Please say your own Zodiac Sign before you write down your answer (if you know your ascendant and moon sign feel free to tell it as well). I'll start:

I'm a Leo with ascendant Virgo and Moon in Libra.

Even though they're quiet and sometimes stubborn I find it rather easy to get along with a Capricorn. It was one of the Signs who was the easiest for me to befriend with. I rarely ever had arguments with Capricorns and we often shared a close bond. Some Aquarians I find very refreshing, some very exhausting. My sister is an Aquarius with Ascendant Libra and Moon in Capricorn. She's my best friend along with my husband. We also hardly ever had any arguments at all. But when we did it was difficult for me to understand her point of view. We are complete opposites. My grandfather is one of the exhausting sort of Aquarians. It's hard to get along with him. Pisces can be very pleasant and fun people. My mother is a Pisces and my husband's father. They are mostly kind, polite and funny. But when they drown themselves in self-sympathy which is one of their favorite things to do it's hard to stand them (cause of course it's NEVER a Pisces fault - they are flawless). Aries is a Zodiac Sign that I figured is very different from me. Even though it's also a Fire Sign. My father, my ex-boyfriend, a good friend and my husband's mother are Aries people. Our point of views are always complete opposites. I usually get along well with them but it's more of a teasing kind of relationship in which you can easily hurt each other's feelings. I know only a few people who are Taurus and I don't have a close relationship with any of them except for one. She was a friend of mine at school and by friend I mean really a friend. If there's one thing to say about her then that she never forgot to invite me and that her loyalty was remarkable. Even when it was "uncool" to be my friend. They are often quiet and sensitive but try to look tough. Geminis are people I usually have great and deep conversations with. It's also fun to have word fights with them. Being their enemy can be quite annoying though. Most Cancers I know are sweet, responsible and loyal. Despite their shy looks they can be quite self-confident,even more than some loudmouth Leos like me. They can be great friends or cunning enemies. Leos were always great friends to me. They are a lot of fun but also have huge egos. It's the sign that loses the grip on reality easily and sometimes without wanting to can seem arrogant. When they are one of the popular people they can turn into show-offs. Other than that Leos are often generous and loyal. Virgo people can be flawless friends, annoyingly clingy or the personification of prejudice. I mostly get along well with them. They are pretty stubborn in their views but are friendly and good listeners. When you don't get along with a Virgo, expect that look in their eyes that will judge you for whatever you did wrong again from their point of view. The weird thing that I noticed with Libras is that they often ignore me (which Leos hate) Of some I'm not even sure if they are aware of my existance even when standing right next to them. I'm very choosy with my friends and they are such a go-with-the-flow type trying to have an ok relationship with just about anybody. There's no real closeness in a bond with a Libra but I have to say you can have a lot of fun with them when they finally allow you to share a closer bond. One of my best friends is a Libra and she's respectful, humble and funny. Even though our bond is close it will always feel a bit "airy". Well what can you do? She's a Libra =) I am almost 90% of the time correct when I guess someone is a Scorpio. All of the Scorpios I know have stunning eyes. Really. All of them. They have that mysterious "untouchable" look and that's what makes me love to analyze them. As long as you're nice to them they treat you with respect but if you choose to have one as your enemy they'll never forget. Trust me on that one. What I love the most about them is that they're honest and direct. They're not afraid of being who they are. They have a powerful aura. It's hard for them to understand a Leo's sunny nature so they can be a little stubborn at times. But they are more sensitive than people might think. They can go from "I'm Mr./Miss emotionless" to bursting into tears. My husband is a Scorpio with ascendant Leo and Moon in Pisces. Our relationship isn't easy. Finally Sagittarius. A very social sign. Some of my closest friends as well as people I hate the most are Sagittarius. When they are friends they will love you no matter what. They are a lot of fun to be around and always have something to talk about. They are friendly and sweet. Especially girl Sagittarians find everything and anything cute that you say or do. They are very positive people. On the dark side they can be arrogant and mean. If they are your enemy they laugh about you and bully you in front of everyone. Sagittarius is an honest sign and they do show how they feel to the whole world. Even if that feeling is hating you for whatever reason. They shout it out in the middle of a lesson or write a song about you. But if they don't like you, you'll know. (e.g. Taylor Swift ;))

Tell me about your experience with the Signs! I'll love to read your stories.
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu surayya122 said…
I'm a Libra sun and Ascendent :3 with a Pisces moon. Lets see... well tell you the truth other Libras do seem a little shallow, but most are extremely nice. I love Gemini's! They're always so happy! It's cool, they are like the life of the party even if there's no party going on. I know this one Gemini who has a Taurus Ascendent and a cancer moon, she's really kind and kind of quiet. That's a first for a Gemini ;) My older brother is an Aquarius and he is the most perfect brother in the world!!! I love my big brother and my best friend is an Aquarius. They're so nice and super protective. Yeah they pay no attention to anything and talk a lot but so do I. So its no big deal for me. My mom is a Pisces and we argue a lot... she kind of over dramatic. Most of the Pisces I know are over dramatic and kind of quiet. I don't talk to Pisces very much. (Please no Pisces be offended by my next sentence!) they're like wannabe scorpios, since they try to be secretive but it's kind of obvious whats on their minds. Cancers are fun. They're hilarious and weird... it's a like Aquarius, but more emotional. Scorpios are awesome. Yeah they're quiet and try to be secretive but I can normally get them to talk (libra power!) so I make good friends with them. Aries is um... well I have a really good friend who's and Aries and there's a girl who hates my guts that's an Aries. Yeah... I'm up and down with them. I like Aries but... yeah let's move on. Leo's are cuddly! They're big soft pillows who will listen and help you when you need it! I love Leo's. My other brother is a leo and he's so much fun. I'm always hugging him for some reason. Sagittarius's are interesting. Anytime I need advice I goto a sag. They always have something to say about everything... they're like Libras but more focused. Capricorns are weird and awkward and it's so cute. I love Capricorns :3 They're funny and most are nice. They really get work done... so when I'm like out in space, Capricorns can tap me and get me back on track. Taurus's are so relaxed. There's never any drama with a Taurus and that's great. I'm a libra... I hate drama (okay not completely) all I want is to have a fun convo with and interesting person and that what you get with a Taurus. A laid back, interesting time. Virgos are kind of shallow in my eyes but I like virgos. I had a really good friend who's a Virgo (she moved out of state :'() and my dads a Virgo. They're both nice and will do so much to make you smile. So in general I like all the signs, but I'm a libra and don't want to not like anybody and want people to like me so I try extremely hard to find at least one good thing about everybody. :3