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posted by simpleplan
Electric Soldier Porygon: "Dennō Senshi Porygon" (でんのうせんしポリゴン ,Dennō Senshi Porigon?, literally "Computer Soldier Porygon", although most commonly translated as "Electric Soldier Porygon") is the thirty-eighth episode of the pokemon anime's first season. It was first broadcast in jepang on December 16, 1997, and has since not aired anywhere else. In the episode, Ash and his friends find at the local pokemon Center that there is something wrong with the Poké Ball transmitting device. To find out what's wrong, they must go inside the machine.

The episode is infamous...
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posted by simpleplan
1. It's OK for ten tahun olds to run around a bunch of cities all alone with super-powered creatures that can kill them and do anything they want.

2. Kids are allowed to gamble as long as they have a case to keep their winnings in.

3. People drop the weirdest most valuable things.

4. anda can walk into someone's house and watch there TV and they don't mind.

5. anda can basically survive any explosion, no matter how intense

6. Most houses don't have an upstairs atau beds for the people who live there.

7. No one seems to care if anda steal the pokeball right off of their meja and never return....

8. 10 year-olds can become the strongest ever in their regions in a matter of hours.

9. 10 tahun olds can decide to go to school atau become a traveler.

10. If a pohon is in your way, pour water on it; it may go away
posted by simpleplan
Contrary to populer belief, the Pokemon TV series isn't how the craze was started. It was actually started with the Game Boy game called "Pocket Monsters" in jepang in 1995. It was an instant hit and it eventually got it's own TV series of the same name in April of 1997.

The TV series itself was a huge hit in Japan, at least.....until the infamous December 16, 1997 incident which left about 700 some people sick and forcing the cancellation of the series until the following April (1998). It has continued onward with no further incident.

Also in 1998, 4Kids Entertainment, with Summit Media Group...
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1. That the supposed "donuts" in the PokeMon T.V. tampil are actually riceballs? People in jepang eat nasi, beras -- and lots of it, too.

2. That the Pokemon comic book outsells any other comic book, including X-Men? This feat has been acomplished oleh selling the comic at toy and video stores.

3. That after Pokemon was released, sales of Nintendo's GameBoy system jumped 249%!

4. Even though Jessie and James act like they're all cool and old, they're both actually only 17 years old!

5. Contrary to the beleif of "PokeMon" being a japanese word, it's not. The word is actually an amalgram of the two English...
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1. anda name a pet/ plushie after a Pokemon/ Character

2. You've tried throwing Pokeballs at binatang and plushes (and also people)

3. anda claim to be a Pokemon master!!

4. You've played at least one game from each gen

5. You're a member of Pokemon Community ^^

6. anda can spell the names of all the Pokemon

7. ...All of them

8. ...Even in Japanese

9. ...Even Regigigas

10. You've pretended anda were a Pokemon

11. You've been pooped on oleh a bird and anda were like "I never knew Pidgey could learn THAT."

12. anda quit your job, thinking your cat can use Pay Day.

13. anda tried to evolve your goldfish into Gyarados....
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posted by meow_girl
Jasmine:Your like so totally freak.
Malissa:Look who's talking.
*Mr.meow meow takes a crap in jasmine's food*
Kara:Bad grammar.
Alex:Kara,is icka even a word?
Hailey:Is it because I'm deformed?!Because of my eyes?!Isn't it?!Isn't it!?!
*Ash breaks through the cafeteria window*
Some guy:Ow my eye!
Mallissa:Nobody cares!
Ash:Did someone say deformed?!Must kill deformed Pokemon!
*Ash takes out a knife*
Ash:Where is it?!
*Alex stares at him,till he catches fire*
*Alex pushes Ash out a closed window.*