ASCII ART Jokes-Made up oleh me-

bethanyc posted on Sep 30, 2011 at 03:14AM
Women: where have you been?
Man: In the toilet its been and hour and you still havent wiped my arse!

Women: Whats that in the backyard?
Man: A Fish i bought it of a hobo for 1c

Women: Where is my tooth brush?

Man: I Used it this morning and i put it back in my undies where i kept it all along!

Women: Ok, where going to L.A. I have everything but my undies!
Man: Why do you need your Nickas?
Women: Because i peed my pants!
Man: well i peed my pants and i put 12 pairs on this morning!
Women: Of whos yours are in the wash!.
Man: no, i mean 12 pairs of yours on. and i still have one ball stack hanging out!

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