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posted by LittleMordred
Paramount Pictures has stepped up to become the distributor of the Martin Scorsese-directed 3D film Hugo Cabret, with the studio locking a November 23 release date, the hari before Thanksgiving. The adaptation of the Brian Selznick novel is produced and financed oleh GK Films and Graham King felt strongly that the five-day Thanksgiving holiday was the optimum time for the picture to open. Hugo Cabret was originally slated to be distributed oleh Sony Pictures, under GK Films' output deal. Sony had the film originally scheduled for a December 9 release and when the studio couldn't provide the requested...
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posted by LittleMordred
It has been confirmed that Mordred will return in Series 4 and it is possible that he will team up with Morgana to make Merlin pay for betraying them.

In the official Series 4 trailer Mordred is faintly heard saying "Emrys" when Merlin gets pushed against a dinding oleh magic and it is possible that Mordred is the one who pushes Merlin against the dinding to take his revenge on him for his betrayal.

So what may happen?
Whos excited?
And do anda think katie will let off spoilers like last time? :)

Merlin trailer will be diposting in the video later on tonight (: