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All anime Fans, can anda lend me your ears.

We have a massive infection problem. The infastation are creatures called Creeps of the Deep. They infect other worlds and increasing thier numbers oleh 60%. How to combat these creatures is anyway anda can, their weak points are the Brain atau Heart; it kills the creature for good and it won't get up. If anda take a limb it will grow it back and fight even more, but dont get scratch atau bitten. There is no cure for the infection still.

We have lots the chibi Vampire/Karen world and cinta Hina world. I just defended the Tokyo Mew Mew world but without some loss. I been at this for almost 6 months and now I need lebih help. The worlds that are aman, brankas and Bleach, Negima and almost any world that has combat atau fighting assets.

If anda don't help its ok, but the choise is yours. If anda do, anda have puncak, atas go through training. But this is YOUR choice.
posted by Dearheart
There is no such thing as a perfect story, but Fullmetal Alchemist comes extremely close. Doesn’t matter if you’re into action/adventure, fantasy/scifi, comedy, tragedy, drama, suspense, romance...FMA’s got something in it for everyone.

Now I’m a nerdy bookworm, not an anime “otaku”; though I do appreciate it as a wonderful form of art and storytelling. And yet Fullmetal Alchemist has become as dear to me as any of the precious buku sitting on my shelves. (Seriously, the last time I cared so much about a story this epic was Lord of the Rings.) I don’t even CARE that it’s an...
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posted by ginei_werewolf
anime 17+

komik jepang 15+

category harem

Girls bravo is a anime about a boy name Yukinari. All of Yukinari's life he was bullied oleh girls and thus developed a allergic reaction to them(touch).
The story begins when Yukinari walks in on his friend taking a bath. She punches Yukinari and he lands in the bathtub. When he fell in the bathtub he ended up on the planet of Seiren (a planet in which is populated 90% oleh girls) There he meets the one girl that doesn't trigger his allergy. The girl (Miharu) then tries to helps him return, however joins him in the process.

anime length 24 episodes (11 first season 13 detik season)

komik jepang 60+ chapter i forgot exact amount

fanspot link
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the island of giant insects
Dedicated to all anime fan
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