anime Witch odd cople do anda like best

Pick one:
Sango and Darean
inuyasha and Raye
wolfram and yuri
Added by wolfyfangirl
Soubi & Ritsuka
Added by Black_Kitten
Added by TYLERMH1
I don&# 39; t like odd couples
I don't like odd couples
Added by poddo
kaname and zero
Added by kawaiizero
Maron and Chiaki
Botan and Kurama
Nero and Vergil
Barry and Blue! (Even though no one else thinks so)
Tsukune Aono and Moka Akashiya
Added by borg3
Yuji and Shana(Shakugan No Shana)
Added by Artworx88
Kazuma Yagami and Erza Scarlet XD
Added by AnimeLover610
edward elric & winry rockbell X)
Added by OTAKU77
hidan and kakuzu >:3
Added by LittleOtaku1
Sesshomaru and Kagura
Added by Kandrakar
ichigo and grimmjow
ichigo and grimmjow
Added by Lugiagirl98
Soul x Maka (Soul Eater)
Added by nevenkastar
Added by Animeshnica
Added by amutokitty
Esther & Ion
Added by Diya-Anime
ZeroxShiki (Vampire Knight)
Added by zerowakakkoi
Zero & Nina
Added by Triela
Dio & Lucciola
Kisuke & Yoruichi
Added by Laura487
Takumi and Misaki
Takumi and Misaki
Added by usuitakumi77
Kyo and tohru!! :')
Added by mgamr2000
OkiKagu!(Okita&Kagura) :3
Added by nurilouch
sasori & deiara!
Added by akatsukigal
Runo and Baron
Runo and Baron
Added by draco11
cant decide
cant decide
What are odd couples?
Added by meloblossom
Edward Elric & Rose Thomas *shot*
Added by IllusionDolls
Tobi and Deidara
Added by tenishatsuki
nalu (Natsu x Lucy)
nalu (Natsu x Lucy)
Added by lillow_b
Don&# 39; t Know
Don't Know
Added by dontmindmeyo
Added by sue87900
akihitoxmirai (beyond the boundary)
Tomoya and Nagisa
Added by TurtleNugget
Haruhi and Tamaki(OHSHC)
Added by mimansa
Nanami X Tomoe
Added by 4vonlea
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