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posted by xRainbowNinjax
Leahs pov.
I really like Shino, his glasses, hair, coat, everything. I must of been spacing out because I felt some hot Ramon poured on my face.
"Naruto!!!Why did anda do that?"
We were on the same team because I'm kakashis sister.
" anda were spacing out. And btw I'm Nar-"
"Yea yea yea, naruto Uzimaki( I'm freaking, I can't spell his last name!)" I berkata after hearing it for the hundreth time.
"Do not interrupt Nar-"
"OH MY GOD SHUT UP" I berkata while walking up.
"Naruto's being annoying?" Shino asked.
"Yes, and I have ramon noodled hair"
"I won't even ask who did that"
I giggled, then shivered.
"cold?" he asked
"here" he zipped open his sweater tampilkan his undershirt and took out his arm ."if anda don't mind".
"not one bit." I went under his arm and sweater. It was really warm.
" we would go like this for Halloween." Shino suggested and laughed.
" I would go like a ninja, but then I wouldn"t have a sweater.
He took of his glasses tampilkan his brown dark and beautiful eyes( aren't they brown?) we stared into each others eyes and----
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