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Animal Rights and Libertarianism: My Reasoning

“Animals are mans instruments”
                 -- Kant

    Nothing is lebih disheartening to the animal lover than that of private property, the corner stone of libertarian ideology. To view life through the eyes of property can be depressing when that property feels pain. Is there a common ground? Is there a way to blend liberty with animal life? It is this particular vegetarians argument that libertarianism is the only route to that harmony, yet...
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posted by Animaltribe
 Animal heros Charles and Critcher.
Animal heros Charles and Critcher.
As Kari and her son were on a motorcycle ride, the two saw a large dogfight in the countryside. Kari pulled up and a woman later identified as Tatjana Sernosevic confronted her. Kari was forced to leave oleh Sernosevic's male accomplice.

Kari went halaman awal and grabbed her boyfriend Stan Critcher, the two returned to stop the fights. Sernosevic and Kari began to argue and the crowd gathered oleh as did Sernosevic's male accomplice. Kari's son began to tell the crowd Critcher and his mother fighting would be the only fight they would see. Kari and Tatjana got into a shoving match then the two began to meninju, pukulan and ended up on the ground.

Stan and the male accomplice began to fistfight. The crowd watched the fray. Kari's son cheered her and Stan on. After about 20 menit Kari knocked Tatjana out cold and raised her fists in victory! Stan finished off the man and the two culprits were delived to authorities. Twenty pit bulls were saved because of the two and her son. Qqqa
 Country road shows a dogfight in progress.
Country road shows a dogfight in progress.
 Sernocevic dog fight event spotted oleh Kari and her boy.
Sernocevic dog fight event spotted by Kari and her boy.
 Sernocevic watching the fights.
Sernocevic watching the fights.
 Kari's son rooting on his mom!
Kari's son rooting on his mom!
 Kari vs Tatjana
Kari vs Tatjana
 Sernocevic and accomplice
Sernocevic and accomplice
 The heroes
The heroes
 Kari gets her son and Stan!
Kari gets her son and Stan!
 Catfight at the dogfight
Catfight at the dogfight
 Cheering crowd
Cheering crowd
 Kari and Stan as Kari's son cheers!
Kari and Stan as Kari's son cheers!
 Stan the man!
Stan the man!
 Kari wins!
Kari wins!
 Sernocevic gets Kari's foot!
Sernocevic gets Kari's foot!
 Tatjana beat down.
Tatjana beat down.
 Kari with her son after.
Kari with her son after.
posted by tomhamm
 Kari poses for her fans!
Kari poses for her fans!
In her campaign for Animal rights Kari Charles taught animal abuser Alsu Ivanchenko a lesson. On her "catfight for a dog's life" Kari stood up to and confronted the horrible witch and taught her a thing atau two about cruelty and justice!

Way to go Kari!!!! So few are willing to gp so far to make a stand against such activity. Relentless on her arguments and petitions Alsu snapped at Kari provoking the catfight for a dog's life forum.

That was for a time a place where the two had some verbal catfights that could make anyone want to buy tickets to see them have at each other!

Alsu eventually dropped out of the forum and quit talking, likely due to legal advice. But with a two tahun sentence over her head she got off way to easy. Its a shame Kari did not have the chance to tear her apart.....yet any how! They may menyeberang, salib paths!

But I think its aman, brankas to say we have a winner!
posted by Mallory101
For lebih than a century, humans have deliberately pitted dog-aggressive anjing who will instinctively give their all in staged fights against one another. Why are animal welfare advocates no closer to ending this brutal bloodsport?

The crowd's roar dulled to a hum as the selanjutnya two fighters appeared. The sebelumnya match had been short, as one contestant quickly outmatched his opponent, mauling him badly and tearing off an ear. But this final fight matched two highly respected and feared combatants. They eyed each other warily as their handlers finished corner preparations. Spectators came to the...
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Alcon Labs
Allergan, Inc.
Alpha Hydrox
Arm & Hammer
Bain de Soleil
Ban Roll-on
Banana perahu
Bausch & Lomb
Block Drug Co. Inc.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
Carpet Fresh
Church & Dwight
Clear Choice
Commerce Drug Co.
Consumer Value Stores
Cover Girl
Dana Perfumes
Del Laboratories
Dow Brands
Drackett Products Co.
Eli Lilly & Co.
El Sanofi Inc.
Elizabeth Arden
Erno Laszlo
Final Net
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posted by breebree446
1. Being a humanitarian, supporting animal rights activists, human rights activists, it's all the same. ~Daryl Hannah

2. God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. ~Jacques Deval

3. The pertanyaan is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" ~Jeremy Bentham

4. No one in the world needs a cerpelai mantel but a mink. ~Murray Banks

5. Cruelty is one fashion statement we can all do without. ~Rue McClanahan

6. Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game. ~Paul Rodriguez

7. Man is the only creature that...
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posted by haha_price
Hello. I am Haley. And I for one am aginst animal abuse. People are hurting them when they did nothing wrong. Are anda aginst animal abuse too? I hope that anda are. The poor binatang cant say anything. And have anda seen the comercials for animal abuse? We humans are very cruel people. But not all of us are. If anda are a person who is aginst animal abuse and want to stop it just gabung this club, maybe we could all make a difference in what is ahppening. Maybe if we can get enough people to gabung this club we could get sponcers to help. Thankyou for membaca this.
Many people give money to charities believing their money will be used to help people in need. They don't always realize that their money may instead be used to fund testing on animals. While some people believe animal testing is necessary, there are now many humane ways to learn about disease and to test medical treatments, methods that are actually lebih effective than testing on binatang and that do not cause pain and death to innocent creatures.
Here are just a few of the charities that currently fund testing on animals. If anda object to testing on animals, let these charities know anda cannot...
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posted by Mallory101
Every year, the daftar of accidents involving horse-drawn carriages grows, and kuda continue to endure pain and suffering because of this outdated practice. The only way to end this cruelty is to ban it permanently and give these kuda the freedom they deserve.

Forcing kuda to pull oversized loads isn't romantic—it's cruel. kuda are forced to toil in all weather extremes, dodge traffic, and pound the pavement all hari long. These gentle binatang suffer from respiratory ailments because they breathe in exhaust fumes, and they develop debilitating leg problems from walking on hard surfaces....
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posted by cudambercam13
After I read about Emilie Autumn's pet rats Sir Edward and Basil, and how close she is with them, I thought about how a lot of people with pet snakes would have fed Sir Edward and Basil to the snake. I don't think snakes should be pets. Some are poisonness, they can bite anda at anytime, and if your tampilkan off with a pet ular boa, boa konstriktor around your neck, your just asking for trouble.
Snakes should be left in the wild. A snake in the wild will find and eat one animal at a time. A person would feed it several rats, rabbits, mice, atau in this case, kittens. A woman who rescus binatang in my community...
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posted by glelsey
New figures from the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF), the biggest UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of ‘pet’ rabbits, tampil that the number of unwanted rabbits has nearly doubled in baru saja years.

The last meaningful survey conducted oleh the charity estimated the number of rabbits diberikan up to rescue shelters at around 35,000. The organisation has recently conducted another survey, and was shocked to find the figure now standing at well over 67,000.

‘What is really worrying,’ berkata Richard Saunders, RWAF Veterinary Expert Advisor, ‘is that this number only reflects...
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 TAG, you're it!
TAG, you're it!
How is Animal Abuse Related to Domestic Violence?

In baru saja years, a strong connection has been documented linking animal abuse and domestic violence. A New Jersey study found that in 88 percent of families where there had been physical abuse of children, there were also records of animal abuse. In Wisconsin, battered women revealed that in four out of five cases, abusive partners had also been violent toward pets atau livestock. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conducted its own study in which 85.4 percent of women and 63.0 percent of children reported incidents of pet abuse...
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Global meat consumption has increased from under 50 million tons annually to over 200 million tons in the last 50 years. The amount of animal manure produced in the U.S. is 130 times greater than the amount of human waste. This is causing lebih environmental and health problems than ever seen before. Here are 15 good reasons to stop eating meat (or at least cut down):

Health Reasons:

1. Lower risk of cancer. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has reported that vegetarians are less likely to get cancer oleh 25 to 50 percent.

2. Lower risk of jantung disease. Researchers Dr. Dean Ornish...
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posted by SilentRevelry
 rubah, fox in trap - image not mine
Fox in trap - image not mine
I found a fox, caught oleh the leg
In a toothed gin, torn from its peg,
And dragged, God knows how far, in pain.

Such torment could not plead in vain,
He looked at me, I looked at him.
With iron jaw-teeth in his limb.

"Come, little son," I said, "Let be.....
Don't bite me, while I set anda free."
But much I feared that in the pang
Of helping, I should feel a fang
In hand atau face .......
but must is must .........
And he had diberikan me his trust.

So down I knelt there in the mud
And loosed those jaws all mud and blood.
And he, exhausted, crept, set free,
Into the shade, away from me;

The leg not broken ......
Then, beyond,
That gin went plonk into the pond.
 Fox's paw after caught in paw - image not mine
Fox's paw after caught in paw - image not mine
Tips atau ways to help out binatang in your hometown!
-Help out at an Animal Shelter!
-Gather friends/family and adopt a stray dog atau cat atau even some other animal
-Treat your dog/cat atau other binatang well. When they do something wrong like steal food from you, say "no" in a low voice INSTEAD of yelling and screaming at them. They cannot understand high pitches
-Tell your friends to treat their binatang the RIGHT Way. Like no loud screaming(if u have little siblings, that's okay) atau no slapping their butts if they do ONE SMALL THING (Trust me, I know)
-When helping at an Animal Shelter, make sure your mentors know to use a fake arm to test the animal's behavior
-If anda see someone abusing their dog atau other animals, step up, take the animal away atau run straight to other help.
PLEASE! Try these out! They may help! anda knows, maybe Animal Abuse will come to a stop. Don't forget to watch Animal Planet to learn lebih about animal behavior
A lot of people want to stop anak anjing, anjing mills, but they don't know how. But if anda follow these 8 steps correctly, anda and everybody else who did this will be one step closer to ending anak anjing, anjing mills, for good.

Do Not Buy Your anak anjing, anjing From a Pet Store

That anak anjing, anjing who charmed anda through the pet toko window has most likely come from a large-scale, substandard commercial breeding facility, commonly known as a anak anjing, anjing mill. In these facilities, parent anjing are caged and bred as often as possible, and give birth to anak anjing who could have costly medical problems anda might not become aware of until after anda bring...
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posted by africagirl
Are binatang toys?

I cinta my family. Really I cinta all oft them. I would never harm one member of my family. I’m not bad. That’s not my nature. I’m not that bad some people think.
My best friend is the little girl. She is the smallest person of my family. And I know that she doesn’t understand many things yet. I also know that she loves me very much. Sometimes we are together alone. When the parents don’t find the time to look after her, then they give her to me. Then I look after her and play with her. I cinta to do that, because I cinta her. I cinta to spend time with the little girl...
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Why dos this have to happen...

anda hit me,
anda meninju, pukulan me,
anda kick me,
anda lunge me.
Now I’m dead,
I’m passed,
I’m gone,
All because of you,
I didn’t live long,
I was still small,
Still little,
Still bitty,
I wanted to be your friend,
But all anda did was hit me,
Now I’m not here,
Now I’m gone,
Do anda now feel my pain,
That I felt for so long,
I just wanted love,
I just wanted a friend,
But because of you,
It is my end.

This poem is about animal abuse, and how people hurt their animals, who just want love. If anda care about binatang who are abused.
In the 10th century, King Howel of Wales declared that the penalty for killing a greyhound was the same as that of killing a person—death. In the days of the Egyptians, greyhounds were valued oleh the pharaohs for their grace, beauty and mild temperament. But in the 21st century greyhounds in the racing world are prized for only one thing—speed. In 2003 alone, an estimated 7,500 to 20,000 greyhounds were euthanized simply because they couldn't run fast enough.

It's is an industry that exists solely for the entertainment of humans—at the cost of animal lives. "Greyhound racing is cruel and...
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posted by tayfan13
once on a paper that was sent to my house had a dog on it with only 1 eye because the family were treating him so bad. It berkata that he had to get it removed because they were poking it in the eye. Isnt that horrible.:[ it berkata to help this dog donate some money. i donated like 20 bucks. i feel so bad for the puppy. i later found out that hes in a good home. isnt that horrible what they did. i feel so bad fo the puppy.:[ im glad we have this fan club cause i cinta animals. also people r killing binatang for their fur. i think that this is wrong.