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i am sorry for sebelumnya video because i wrote my name Instead fo the song name T_T
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English translation of 99 names of Allah     Asmaa'u Allah Al-Hosna

The Greatest Name     Allah
The All-Compassionate     Ar-Rahman
The All-Merciful     Ar-Rahim
The Absolute Ruler     Al-Malik
The Pure One     Al-Quddus
The sumber of Peace     As-Salam
The Inspirer of Faith     Al-Mu'min
The Guardian      Al-Muhaymin
The Victorious     Al-Aziz
The Compeller     Al-Jabbar
The Greatest    ...
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no words have been made to compelement for allah most mercy ful most compationet
i feel so proud for being muslim
sometimes when i think how great is he
i cant even reach on it
tire come to my eyes when i think of ur mercy
oh i cant even tampil ur mercy
I cinta anda ALLAH
I REALLY cinta anda

If my cinta is attached to Thee
Then from sin I will be free

Each time my jantung will beat
Your name will resound with heat

With your name shivers my each limb
They seek to be released from whim

Allah, Allah, is my hearts speech
Your Mercy is what I beseech

The Most Merciful keep me content
With all that anda have sent

Keep in my jantung Your remembrance
And in Your deen and cinta allow me to advance

Help me in my quest
Permit me to pass the ultimate test

Save me from the clutches of Satan
Give me death upon Imaan.
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