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Flavors of Entanglement Lyrics
Track 1 - Citizen of the Planet
I start up in the North, I grow from special seed
I sprinkle it with sensibility
From French and Hungarian snow
I linger in the sprouting until my engine's full

Then I pindah across the sea
To European bliss
To language of poets
As I cut the cord of the home
I ciuman my mother's mother
Look to the horizon

Wide eyed, new ground
Humbled oleh my new surroundings

I am a citizen of the planet
My president is kwan yin
My frontier is on an airplane
My prisons: homes for rehabilitating

Then I fly back to my nest
I fly back with my nuclear
But everything is different...
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posted by linzard
Alanis Morissette is a really inspirational person whose musik inspires people with her great lyrics. She has gone through lots of things in her life, and shows that in her songs. From everything a normal person endures, to battling her way through anorexia and bulimia nervosa when she was only 14 till 18. I think Alanis is a very strong person anyone can look up to. She is very unique and free spited, she is very down to earth, and she enjoys relaxing with yoga.She is also very smart, even as a kid, she went to St. Elizabeth’s PGL for gifted learners.
"Feel Your Love"

Baby, I've got this thing for you
I'm thinkin' there's somethin' goin' on now
A wicked imagination
A serious kind of somethin' new
It's drivin' me right out of my mind now
It's gotta be desperation
Can't feel no pain when I'm thinking about you
Dreamin' isn't black and white
Can't make no gain 'til my vision c-comes true
Give it to me like I'd like to give it to you

Love I wanna feel your love
Right from the bottom of my jantung to your hands
(now baby now) cinta I wanna feel your love
You know this waitin' for anda boy I can't stand

Bein' just who anda wanna be and doin' whatever
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