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Main Goal: Although some members joined akatsuki to further their own goals, all are united in Akatsuki's ultimate goal of gaining domination over the Shinobi world.[1] The leader, Pain, has created a three-step process to work their way towards this goal.[2] First, they plan to obtain a large amount of money to support their organization.[2] Second, they plan to set up a mercenary group loyal only to Akatsuki.[3] To build their reputation, they plan to accept any mission below the usual cost and operate off of the excess funds earned in the first part of their plan.[3] Because there haven't...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Five coffins shot out of the ground. The lids slowly fell down revealing Nagato, Kakuzu, Deidara, Sasori, and Itachi. Suddenly the bodies awaken.

Deidara steps meneruskan, ke depan and looks around saying, “Where am I?” He looks to his left and sees Sasori in a coffin and Kakuzu to the right of him. “Oh no,” Deidara said, “I’ve been buried alive un! This is my worst nightmare come true un.”

“Shut up brat,” Sasori said, “If anda were buried alive then anda wouldn’t be above ground.”

Deidara stared at Sasori for a moment. He then reached meneruskan, ke depan and poked Sasori’s face. Sasori grabbed...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Age: 17-18 in Part I; 20-21 in Part II
Partner: Kisame Hoshigaki
Seiyu: Hideo Ishikawa
Voice actor: Crispin Freeman, Skip Stellrecht (Naruto Episodes 29-30)

Itachi Uchiha (うちは イタチ, Uchiha Itachi?) is a missing-nin from Konohagakure and is partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. During his time in Konoha, Itachi's prodigious talents and rapid development into a skilled ninja earned great attention from his family, the Uchiha clan. He eventually began to train under Madara Uchiha in secret, murdering his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, to gain the Mangekyo Sharingan. He soon joined forces with...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Age: 29 in Part I
Partner: Itachi Uchiha
Seiyu: Tomoyuki Dan
Voice actor: Kirk Thornton

Kisame Hoshigaki (干柿 鬼鮫, Hoshigaki Kisame?) is a missing-nin from Kirigakure and is partnered with Itachi Uchiha. He gets along considerably better with Itachi than most akatsuki members do with their own partners, immediately doing as Itachi asks of him and always looking out for Itachi's well-being. His former country, the Land of Water, now seeks him out for plotting to overthrow its government and being involved in numerous assassinations. When he was still loyal to Kirigakure, he was one of...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Deidara’s obsession for his art is perhaps his most notable personality trait. He seems to view each and every bomb he creates as a piece of art and a significant accomplishment in its own right. He left his halaman awal village of Iwagakure, because they disapproved of the techniques he developed. He hated Itachi for defeating his art, and even developed C4 clay and trained his left eye to counter genjutsu for the purpose of defeating Itachi someday. Deidara even once exclaimed to Sasuke in their fight that Sasuke had no respect for his art and that it made Deidara want to kill him. He even seems...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Hidan is a religious zealot when it comes to his cult-like faith called Jashinism. His entire battle style revolves around obtaining opponents blood for his ritual which honors Jashin, even though it has a tedious number of requirements to perform. Before becoming a Jashinist Hidan defected from his village Yugakure, because it had deteriorated from a shinobi village to a tourist town. Hidan even went as far as to kill his neighbors before leaving. Hidan’s main reason for choosing to become a Jashinist was because slaughtering enemies in battle is considered a sacred act. Hidan seems to draw...
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posted by naruto12354
This is a funny picture of most the members akatsuki members (boys)trying to get a girl friend and expressing themselves with pick up lines of doom .Each of them have a pick up line to suit there personality .I enjoyed looking at these and was amused at how funny they were.There was no Konan but that was probably because she was a girl but it would have been funny to see here with a pick up line .if your a naruto patriot like me anda might not like it but I thinkits quite funny hope anda like it though...
 features pick up lines from Tobi,Deidara,Hidan,Kakazu,Itachi,Kisame,Zetsu,Nagato and Sasori hehehehehehehehehe
features pick up lines from Tobi,Deidara,Hidan,Kakazu,Itachi,Kisame,Zetsu,Nagato and Sasori hehehehehehehehehe
posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: Formerly Sasori

Orochimaru is a missing-nin from Konohagakure. After he defects from Konoha he joins akatsuki and is paired with Sasori. Once Itachi Uchiha does the same, Orochimaru attempts to use one of his abilities to forcefully take control of Itachi's body. Itachi repels his effort and severs his hand as punishment, forcing Orochimaru to flee the organization in defeat. Upon leaving he takes his severed hand and the ring he wore on it with him. Because of this, as well as the fact that he had intimate knowledge of Akatsuki's secrets and plans, the members of akatsuki began making every effort possible to find and eliminate him.
posted by AlexWhittier
“Ahh!” Tobi awoken and realized he had a bad dream. He looked around his room and sighed. He tried to go back to sleep, but kept having the same nightmare. Tobi thought for a menit about what to do. “Of course. Senpai will help Tobi.” Tobi got out of his tempat tidur and walked out of his room to Deidara’s room across the hall and slowly opened the door. He tiptoed in quietly and snuck into Deidara’s bed. “Hopefully senpai won’t mind if Tobi sleeps with him.” Deidara turned over and slowly opened his eyes and saw Tobi’s mask inches away from his face. Deidara jumped out of tempat tidur yelling...
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Chapter 10: pedo snake's replacement:enter good boy tobi!!

The selanjutnya day,leader-sama called a meeting.I nearly pissed my pants when this venus flytrap popped out of the ground with blood running down the edges of his lips."WHAT THE HELL!?!"I shouted as I jumped into kisame's arms."relax kyo-chan,its only zetsu...." kisame berkata gently while patting my head."zet-who?" I asked confused. "I'm zetsu,I eat the remains of jinchuuriki host and serve as the group spy..." he explained. "Who're u?" He asked,sitting selanjutnya to kakuzu. "I am kyoto toriyaka,the great great great great great granddaughter of the...
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posted by K5-HOWL
Deidara (デイダラ) was the youngest member of Akatsuki, and was partnered oleh Sasori and Tobi, consecutively, before his death.

Contents [show]
1 Background
2 Personality
3 Part II
3.1 Rescue Gaara arc
3.2 Three-Tails Arrival arc
3.3 Hunt for Itachi arc
4 Abilities
4.1 Exploding Clay
4.2 Eye Enhancement
5 Trivia
6 kutipan
7 References

BackgroundDeidara was originally from Iwagakure, although he readily abandoned the village for the opportunity of using his "art" lebih frequently, as his village ridiculed him for it. Deidara became an assassin pembom, pengebom for hire, not caring who he worked with...
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posted by hinata3125
Chpt. 15:christmas past
(4 bulan time skip)

I just turned 9 last month....and tomorrows christmas.....I don't like christmas.being the over hyper spaz that I am that can be unusual....but it gives me bad memories.....christmas was the hari my clan was killed.what? Did u think I hate it cause I'm a buddhist? Cause that's not it....if that wasn't the hari my clan was killed,id cinta it...but they were.dad dosent get it,(kisame=dad) but hidan does.he dosent like natal either,but that's cuz of his religion.see,this is why we're best friends......I was lieing in tempat tidur that night.tobi was already asleep....but,the...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: Formerly Tobi, Sasori before that
Seiyu: Katsuhiko Kawamoto
Voice actor:: Quinton Flynn (Naruto Episode 135)

Deidara (デイダラ, Deidara?) is a missing-nin from Iwagakure. Before joining Akatsuki, Deidara was as a terrorist pembom, pengebom for hire, where his work attracted the attention of Pain. Pain sent other akatsuki members to recruit Deidara, though he refused. After being defeated oleh Itachi Uchiha, however, Deidara was forced to gabung the organization. Deidara maintained a deep loathing for Itachi from that point further and became determined to defeat him, even training one of his...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Kakuzu is very antisocial in nature. He cares nothing about people, except that he can take their hearts to extend his own lifespan and money they may be worth as a bounty. He has also killed numerous partners in the akatsuki until he was partnered with Hidan, whom is immortal. Even then Kakuzu swears that he will find a way kill Hidan one day. Though Kakuzu appears to not have always been this way. He was once a powerful ninja from Takiagakure. After he had failed his mission to kill the first Hokage, his village shunned him and he responded oleh killing the village elders and taking their hearts....
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Deidara: Compliment Deidara's good looks.
Kisame: Make a new addition to your aquarium.
Itachi: Give Itachi a taste of his own madicine.
Zetsu: Confuse the cannibal with cheesy lines.
Hidan: Spread the joy of kristen and Convert all non-believers.
Tobi: Tell Tobi he's a bad boy rawr.
Kakuzu and Konan: Harass the team's financial worker and origami artist with cruel and demented torture.
Konan: atau anda can throw water on her(makes her soggy)
Sasori: pertanyaan Sasori's artistic beliefs
Pain: Improve your aim with a bit of dart practice.

posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: Formerly Hidan

Kakuzu (角都, Kakuzu?) is a missing-nin from Takigakure and Hidan's partner. He is a greedy individual, prioritizing things in terms of how much they are worth and finding money to be the only thing that he can depend on. Kakuzu's favorit sumber of income is collecting bounties, and he has even memorized the worth and information on some of the lebih dangerous targets. Due to this view of money, Kakuzu refers to himself as the "Treasurer of Akatsuki", though it is unknown if this is an actual position. Despite finding akatsuki to be a good sumber of income, Kakuzu...
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posted by SilentRevelry
Partner: None
Seiyu: Nobuo Tobita
Voice actor: Brian Beacock (white side), Michael Sorich (black side)

Zetsu (ゼツ, Zetsu?) functions as a spy for Akatsuki, a role made easier oleh his ability to merge with anything and instantly travel to a new location. He has been shown able to pindah his body and take part in the tailed beast sealing ritual simultaneously which, in addition to being unique to him, allows him to act as a lookout while the sealing takes place. Because of the role he plays, Zetsu is the only member of akatsuki to act without a partner on a regular basis. Despite this, Zetsu...
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posted by AlexWhittier
“Alright everybody. Welcome to the Teamwork Ropes Course,” The counselor berkata to the silent Akatsuki, “Your leader Pain has decided to try and assess your ability as a team.”

Hidan started to walk away. “I’m not going to do this s***.”

Pain used Bansho Tensei to pull Hidan’s freshly stitched head off of his body and into his hand. Pain turned Hidan’s head to him and said, “I would like to remind anda that if anda don’t do it anda will be fired, homeless, and made an enemy of Akatsuki.”

Hidan cursed under his breath as Kakuzu reattached Hidan’s head to his body.

The counselor...
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posted by akatsuki_otaku


Debut (Manga)     

Chapter 312
Debut (Anime)     

* Shippūden Episode 12 (Hologram)
* Shippūden Episode 71 (In person)

Appears in     

Anime and Manga

Seiyū (Japanese)     

* Masaki Terasoma


S-Class, Missing-nin


April 2

22 (Considered deceased)

177.1 cm1.771 m
5.81 ft
69.724 in

56.8 kg125.223 lb

Blood type     ...
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posted by AlexWhittier
Hidan was running down a path that led to a nearby village. “S*** I’m late. Kakuzu is probably going to menggerutu, jalang about how I didn’t get there in time to help him.” “You have bigger things to worry about than that.” Hidan looked over to his left and saw a sound ninja wearing glasses. “Who the hell are you?” The sound ninja pushed his glasses up on his face and exclaimed, “My name is Kabuto and I believe anda will be coming with me.” Hidan laughed. “Like some nerdy ninja can take me.” Hidan grabbed his scythe and swung at Kabuto, cutting him in half instantly. “F***! This...
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