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ChickRiddler posted on Dec 17, 2009 at 07:37PM
If you like to roleplay, this is the forum for you :D Simple "9" roleplay. Choose a number for your character. You don't have to choose someone from the movie. But if you do, the personalities match the movie okay? You can then choose a boyfriend or girlfriend or crush or whatever for your person. And if you want to, siblings. We will start roleplaying when we get enough people. Here is my profile...

Number: 17
Personality: 17 is very theatrical. She randomly breaks out into song and dance and isn't ashamed of it. Always the life of the party.
Relationship: Has a crush on 6. (same personality as in movie)
Siblings: Twin brother, 16.
Personality: 16 is very like 17 but is shyer and will only sing and dance if she starts it.

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lebih dari setahun yang lalu TokkiDokki said…
Number: 0 (but it's easier just to spell out "Zero", huh?)
Personality: She's like 6, in a way. She has visions of the future like he does, but instead of just SEEING it, she can FEEL the vision. She often times ends up ripping her own fabric. She calls these moments "lapses".
Relationship: She likes to be around 6. But she has always wanted to be closer to 5.

Siblings: None. But she views her small, cat-like machine (that she made herself) part of her own "family". His name is Pernix.
Appearance: Zero is made of a very dark burlap. She also has patches of similarly dark material covering some places where she had accedentally ripped herself. Her optics are the same size as 9's, but the pupils are abnormally large, for being able to see clearer in darker areas, as that is where she likes to be. She has a series of stitches that start from her left optical, and end at the base of her neck, her worst scar. She garnishes three incredibly small buttons on her torso.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu itachifan1 said…
Number/Real Name: XII, 12

Point: " To love us... "

Nickname: love

Gender: Female

Age: 17 (mental age)

Height: 5 cenimeters
Weight: Very light

Creation Date: few months ago

Creator: Beyond

Weapon/Items: paintbrush,pencils,ink,sewing tools,spare glass chips,different thing she finds in the emptiness

She can be very shy at times.She is always ready to love anyone that wants to be loved.She can act childish at times.When she hits her head she loses a bit of memory.She hates being all alone and always wants to be with someone.She will cry when she's alone or hide somewhere

As a child her mother died a few weeks after 12 woke up.She had to live life on her own until 3 and 4 found her. they had raised her for a long time.when ever she tries to run she either falls and slides on her jeans or her jeans fall down.

love: She is bisexual so she loves boy or girl.

loves at the moment: L12

soul color: Blue or pink,depends on how she feels

weakness: when she's yelled at or makes others sad. going crazy and hitting her head

power: Love

quote: "I love you so muches"

adopting family: 9,0,IX,XIII

real family: 385(dead) 38 (dead) X2 (soul form)

voice actor: amy lee

L12 by manyworlds090 on deviantart

,0,IX,XIII (by akatsukiyaoiluvr on deviantart

3 and 4 and 9 by shane acker
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 Number/Real Name: XII, 12 Point: " To cinta us... " Nickname: cinta Gender: Female Age: 17 (mental
lebih dari setahun yang lalu invader-meef said…
big smile
ummm...i'm new to the club...BUT HERE I GO!!!
personality:13 is completley insane,you could find her in a corner,whispering,"bessie the cow..."over and over again.her imagination is HUGE,and she made Zema tht way(Zema is a cat,to the stichpunks.she's the size of a hosecat)and likes to piss off 1,and if she's angry enough,she can beat up 8.
appearance:she's made of black denim,and has a glass-like band around her neck tht glows different colors to represent emotions,her pupils are as wide as they get,and she has wheels on the soles of her feet
lebih dari setahun yang lalu kaylaber said…
Name/Number:13,the unlucky number
appearance:white fabric,black hair in a swing cut,black hoodie
description:she has an obsession with the human body & how it works.she loves to help,even though she screws it up every time.she shares a room with 6 & has taken to drawing human skeletons.she also sleeps in a self-made hammock & has a CD player.1 has decided the only thing she's good at is cleaning.she is currently convincing 6 that standing up for & being yourself is a good thing.