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Does anyone know a good program to make Icons?

1 answer | my answer: Photoshop Paint toko Pro GIMP (which is free)
tv couples

favorit scene of your otp?

20 answers | my answer: It's hard to pick cause there's so many moments I l...
Brian & Justin

In wich episode Brian said: "Please don't let anything happen to him." ??? It's also in this BJ video in 3:21 .

2 answers | my answer: 5x10 iirc
Cook & Effy

what tampil are these 2 from???

2 answers | my answer: Skins.
Cook & Naomi

Btw who made this spot?

1 answer | my answer: I did.
Stefan & Elena

hey did anda guys notice that this spot is now an official spot???

1 answer | my answer: Yeah, I noticed. This spot, the Damon & Elena one a...
Damon & Elena

3x19 HD no watermark?

2 answers | my answer: Episodes with no logo are from iTunes iirc.
Damon & Bonnie

Who made this spot?

1 answer | my answer: I did. Sorry I never noticed that anda asked until j...
Eleven & Amy

Alright who made this awesome spot? Cuz we were wondering if we could have a banner... Sophie made some and they pretty awesome so yeah.. :P

1 answer | my answer: hey - I'm the spot creator.. sorry I haven't put a...
Eleven & Amy

Are the Doctor and Amy gonna get together eventually?

5 answers | my answer: I doubt they'll ever actually get together. The Doc...