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rekomendasi buku

I need some really good buku to read. I like fantasi and adventure books. Any suggestions?

42 answers | my answer: ALL THE PERCY JACKSON BOOKS!! Theyre awesome!!


3 answers | my answer: Ya I hope it's ok! Your probably over reacting.....
avril lavigne

Are anda excited for her new album coming out this spring?

3 answers | my answer: She's gunna hav another album!??!?! Then YES!!

Who is the worst live singer in your mind?

12 answers | my answer: I hate Justin beiber!!!! He sucks!!!

How long have anda been fanpopping??

51 answers | my answer: Less than a month:)

Woaaaaaaaah..........Wouldnt wanna mess with you!!!

7 answers | my answer: Lolz I don't get that at all!!!

What do anda think happens after death?

20 answers | my answer: Like in Percy Jackson... anda go to hades and either...

What are your initials?

56 answers | my answer: C R R :)

What is your earliest human memory?

25 answers | my answer: When I was 3 and my little sis was born :p

Watch this video xD It's hilarious i swear ♥♫♪♫♪♥

8 answers | my answer: "I don't want to drink it!!" ( with british accent)...