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Hey, how are anda doing today? diposting ·7 jam yang lalu
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Sometimes it takes time for the sadness of an aching jantung to heal. But, don't let the sadness consume you. anda deserve a boy friend who will cinta anda until the end of time and be a better boyfriend.Mark, I and your fanpop friends are here for you. Big Hugs diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
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Here's some tissues to wipe up your wet eyes. Big Hugs ·2 hari yang lalu
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Please don't cry! anda still have your friends here on Fanpop, friends like me. Wish I could say something to make anda feel better, my friend. I know exactly how anda feel right now. Felt the same way myself a lot of times before. You'll see, anda soon gonna meet somebody else who will cinta anda & you'll find another (a much better!) boyfriend! Just wait & see! If anda ever need a friend, we're all there for you, OK? Your friend Mark diposting ·3 hari yang lalu