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What is your fave disney Princess?

30 answers | my answer: mine are Jasmine, bel, bell and aureoura
spongebob squarepants

will patrick ever get a real job

20 answers | my answer: no ,no ,no,no and no
spongebob squarepants

Why does SpongeBob have 2 halloween Specials?

2 answers | my answer: Attlee he has 4
sonic the hedgehog

Am I the only one on this sonic fan thing who hates amy?

74 answers | my answer: wet the your not the only one i hate Amy lebih than...
Billy and Mandy

how old are the two kids?

11 answers | my answer: De pin,s how old is the tampil ???????????????
foster's home for imaginary friends

PQ-If u had to choose which Character had to leave which would it be?

18 answers | my answer: i wed be Mandy off of billy and Mandy

What is anda favorit halloween TV special?

9 answers | my answer: this is Halloween.

do anda like cartoons?

14 answers | my answer: yeh why?

What should I eat for breakfast????

13 answers | my answer: me and my seas had popcorn-shrimp fore breakfast at...

anda happy

21 answers | my answer: DE pin,s on am i go ING to hive the fetcher i wont...