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feminism tho diposting ·16 jam yang lalu
princesslullaby komentar…
im so annoyed ·15 jam yang lalu
princesslullaby berkata tentang putri disney
hey guys, would anda komentar here and let me know which countdowns/lists you'd like to do? I'll start one for favorit disney Prince, but if there are others please let me know. Obviously I can't do all the countdowns so I'll need some help. Personally I think "Favorite disney Princess Movie" and others should be done. I'd also like smartest princess, best moral... diposting ·17 jam yang lalu
PrueFever komentar…
I'd like to do a favorit disney Villian one :P ·12 jam yang lalu
MaidofOrleans komentar…
I detik the disney Villain one. Smartest, prettiest, and best wardrobe would be cool as well. I also really like the idea of best moral, but we'd have to clearly delineate the moral of each film before we did that one since people tend to interpret them differently. Here's some I don't think I've seen before: most romantic, most resourceful, who would make the best queen. ·9 jam yang lalu
Sparklefairy375 komentar…
Prettiest DP, best DP bernyanyi voice, atau Most favorit villains. ·5 jam yang lalu
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For organizing Fanpop's favorit DP 2018! Thank anda so much!! <3 It turned out fantastic! diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
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I've noticed your skill in making crossover pics and was hoping you'd consider submitting some pics to the crossover countdowns I'm doing in the DP spot. anda can post pics to the forum below and will get one prop for every pic anda post. I hope you'll consider it cuz your pics are pretty good.

link diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
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Would anda guys ever want to do a discussion/countdown on feminist princess? I think the results would be predictable but at least interesting discourse. diposting ·4 hari yang lalu
princesslullaby komentar…
atau maybe if i made a forum post and we could all discuss? ·4 hari yang lalu
Sparklefairy375 komentar…
That's sounds interesting enough ·4 hari yang lalu
UnholyNoise komentar…
^ ·3 hari yang lalu
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Popped in to say anda hi diposting ·14 hari yang lalu
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Thank anda so much for the kind words about me in the Meet the disney Princess fan 2017 :3 Hope anda like what I wrote about anda :) diposting ·15 hari yang lalu
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i couldn't figure out which prop to give you, because you're like the consummate disney fan. great icons, polls, ideas - thanks for making the dp group fun again. diposting ·16 hari yang lalu
princesslullaby berkata tentang putri disney
hey guys! Back in my earlier days of fanpop, we had a group chat for the DP fanpop fan on WhatsApp atau some other messaging system. It was moderated and obviously invite only so no trolls atau unsavory characters could join. Would this be something of interest? diposting ·18 hari yang lalu
disnerdtobe komentar…
Yes! ·18 hari yang lalu
UnholyNoise komentar…
@sounds disney i'm in ·17 hari yang lalu
UnholyNoise komentar…
anda don't share personal info beyond a username - no emails atau phone numbers as far as i know from using kik. alternately, maybe a discord server? ·17 hari yang lalu
big smile
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Please act on this poll
link diposting ·21 hari yang lalu