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  • Female, 29 years old
  • Favorite Movie: Baby oleh Justin Bieber & When ever when ever, She serigala , Give it up to me oleh shakira
    Favorite Musician: Justin Bieber & shakira
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jandylin4 berkata tentang justin bieber
At youtube, people are saying that Justin is dead. Is it true? I would like to know. Please tell me. I can't believe that news. diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
xxjndmjnohxx komentar…
He's Not. That was just a really sick joke ;) lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jandylin4 komentar…
Thanks for ur comment. I am really worry for him :) :p lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jandylin4 berkata tentang shakira
I cinta shakira diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
jandylin4 berkata tentang Beliebers
Justin bieber is cute and lovely diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu