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series twilight

is anyone on team edward?

36 answers | my answer: I AM TEAM EDWARD!!! I'M OBSESSED...HE'S ALL OVER MY...
series twilight

Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Alice and emmet have cullen as a surname. How come Jasper and Rosalie have hale as a surname instead?

6 answers | my answer: It's because to humans the story is that Dr.Carlisl...
series twilight

Okay...Please help great robert fans! In the twilight film is it him bernyanyi when Bella is sort of dieing after james has bitten her? If yes how's it called?

4 answers | my answer: Yes it's rob the Song is called let me sign her...
series twilight

hey guys this is Robert Pattison in the "AVATAR"look,what do u think about it??

11 answers | my answer: I cinta ROB BUT BEST IF HE STAYS HUMAN/VAMPIRE HAHA...
gossip girl

out of all Gossip girl couples,who do anda think have the biggest chance to be the endgame? i pretty sure Chuck&Blair and Lily&Rufus will be.

gossip girl

what do anda think of this picture?

2 answers | my answer: I'm very excited to say that i think Blair and Chuc...
gossip girl

What anda guys thinking about this picture with Ed&Leighton? i ♥ it:):).

6 answers | my answer: a few words come to mind: EPIC <3 ADORABLE <3 TR...
gossip girl

Who do anda think out of all of the couples,scenes and family in Gossip Girl,what do anda find lebih Epic and Beautiful?

9 answers | my answer: CHUCK AND BLAIR <3 they've had a heart-breaking and...
gossip girl

What anda wish the most to happen in season 5?

12 answers | my answer: CHAIR AS ENDGAME <3 and Baby bas, bass of course!! and f...
miley cyrus

Post a pic of MILEY with scarf and accessories .....and win prop!!

17 answers | my answer: cinta HER STYLE :)