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Emo_foxygirl beri saya props untuk my comments
hey tori i'm Nevaeh atau vaeh for short i hope we can get to know each other and be great friends I hope anda have a great day^^ diposting ·6 hari yang lalu
doubletrouble7 berkata tentang Hani
hi there,i'm tori from omaha,ne well what is hani? i just signed up with them.-tori diposting ·20 hari yang lalu
doubletrouble7 berkata tentang B.A.P
hi there,tori is the name and kpop bands are great. so what does B.A.P. mean? just curious how many of anda would like to be my friend forever and life? well think about it ok pretty please thanks diposting ·20 hari yang lalu