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ZacHHD berkata tentang Spyro The Dragon
Right i dont mean to burst ur bubbles, but get a grip, Ur saying the original's better, Bring it back its only better cause u played it when u was a kid and the storylines were for kids..... The Original Series was lebih about the missions but The Legend Series is lebih about the storyline, cause its lebih for teenagers/Adults and having portals in it will just make it silly and i think if u dont like The Legend series ur not a real fan :/ lol, just wanted to get that off my chest :D diposting lebih dari setahun yang lalu
AngelOfTheTriad komentar…
It's not about hating the new and loving the original. It's about the fact that the Original Spyro is what gave birth to Spyro in the first place. Without that your "Legend of" Series wouldn't exist. I'm assuming you're referring to my komentar on here, but it's not aimed directly towards me since, not only did I not mention thinking either series was better, but, if anda read the whole thing, I defended The Legend Of when someone brought hate against it. I never berkata I did not like the Legend Of. I do, in fact, like that series as well. But, someone who just downright hates and flames and calls the original series kiddy should not call themselves true Spyro fans. That's like spitting on Spyro's birth and it's EXTREMELY disrespectful to Insomniac Games which gave birth to Spyro. The only reason anda should spit on a game series like that is if someone makes a crap game for it, and the playstation 1 Trilogy was actually good enough to make Spyro one of Sony's early mascots. lebih dari setahun yang lalu