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ShadowFan100 berkata tentang acak
Here’s a link to lebih of Starset’s music. I could legit listen to them 24/7. diposting kemarin
ShadowFan100 berkata tentang acak
I've been binge-watching Sailor Moon Crystal for the past week, and I'm up to Act 17. It's certainly a lot different from the original, mostly because I grew up with the butchered English dub. Not in a bad way, though, I actually like it... SOME of it. One issue I have with Crystal is the animasi style. It works in some places, like the environment and all that. But I can't get past the way the Inner Senshi are drawn. Like, I know it's lebih detailed, but also cringy to look at. diposting ·16 hari yang lalu
ShadowFan100 komentar…
What really looks off is how Luna and Artemis are drawn. Like, the bodies are OK, but their eyes are just too huge, IMHO. I understand it's an anime/cartoon, but still. And the Inner Senshi's face's (mostly the eyes) honestly took me a bit to adjust to. The only one's look decent is the Outer Senshi. I have no problems with their design, and I ESPECIALLY cinta Sailor Saturn's design. I'm not just saying this because I cinta her, but I honestly think she looks the best out of all of them. I seriously mean that. ·16 hari yang lalu
ShadowFan100 komentar…
And my selanjutnya is issue with Crystal is how rushed the first part of the series was. Like, the main battle happened at about Ep. 13 atau so, and usually it takes a lot longer to get to that part of a story. I mean, I guess that's simply how they wanted it to go. But I DID like how queen Beryl got some bit of character depth. She probably also did in the original 90's version, but again, I grew up with America's heavily butchered dub. The English dub cut out a shit-ton of things, to make it lebih kid-friendly. I honestly hate how America tries to dumb down anime "for the kids". ·16 hari yang lalu
ShadowFan100 komentar…
Also, the henshin sequences take forever. Well, mostly Sailor Moon's, but it's worse when they all transform at once. OK, sure, there were a few occasions where the sequences were trimmed down, but it still bothers me a bit. ·13 hari yang lalu
ShadowFan100 berkata tentang acak
I guess it's true when people say, "3rd times the charm", because guess who just got himself a job at Goodwill? Me. All I have to do now is wait on the assistant manager to get back with me on my orientation thingy that I need to go to. Afterwards, I'll be working part-time on Monday's, Wednesday's, Friday's and the 1st Saturday of each month. And I'm honestly really hyped for this, guys. After 3 interviews, I FINALLY have a job! Yay! diposting ·23 hari yang lalu
legend_of_roxas komentar…
Congratulations! Sounds like an awesome job. I hope I get a job soon as well. ·23 hari yang lalu
8theGreat komentar…
Great! ·23 hari yang lalu
TheLefteris24 komentar…
That is really great to know. Congratulations !!!! ·23 hari yang lalu
ShadowFan100 komentar…
Thanks, guys! And I just got confirmation on my work hours. I'll be working 9AM-5PM. And it seems like I'll be working a higher position than I thought, but I'm not sure what yet. I'll let anda know once I get lebih info. ·18 hari yang lalu