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SilentForce beri saya props untuk my comments
You're welcome ^_^.Also thanks for the compliment about my username XD diposting ·10 menit yang lalu
ShadowFan100 berkata tentang acak
Have anda ever wondered what will happen to our social media accounts centuries into the future, after we’re all dead? Like Fanpop, for example. Let’s say our accounts and posts are still here for someone in the future to find. Assuming that English hasn’t changed much, what would they make of our obsessions? And the pics we post? I can legit see some poor future human coming across my posts on here about my cinta for Nick. They’d be like, “OMG, what drugs was this guy on???” diposting kemarin
zanhar1 komentar…
I'd cinta to see anyone in the very distant future try to make sense of 'respecting onions' and burger king foot lettuce. It'd be a real trip if they thought prez vs zanarchy was a legit political discourse. kemarin
ShadowFan100 komentar…
Yet another future human: “WTF is Land 114? An ancient civilization? We must find out it’s hidden secrets!” ·17 jam yang lalu
SilentForce komentar…
@ShadowFan100 Dude,I'm pretty sure that our behavior on here would be enough to scare the average modern person outside of fanpop as well let alone the future generation XD ·8 jam yang lalu
If it weren’t for one of my old fanpop friends, I wouldn’t have known this existed 💜 diposting ·7 hari yang lalu