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I could use some genuine affection though.

I will let that statement stay on the dinding since its true. diposting ·3 jam yang lalu
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I honeslty do not handle the social isolation (or rather demand for me to actually go and put effort into talking to people), lack of a set schedule and goal, weather, and amount of time at halaman awal I get in summer

It just really makes summer really bad for my mental health and shit. Especially with college being added among all that for my brain to try to make me anxious atau depressive over.

It was starting yesterday and it put SO much effort to it today diposting ·4 jam yang lalu
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Also I dunno if I sound like it, but I dont hate YandereDev atau anything. Its just a bit of a shattered image I had before. I still do appreciate his work towards things and his ability to chase his dream and all, plus I understand where he is coming from. I just disagree with his personality and his actions.

Personally, Im still going to follow its development, but yeah. diposting ·14 jam yang lalu