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  • Tev noteikti nav ne jausmas, kas šeit ir rakstīts :D , Latvia
  • Favorite TV Show: gossip girl; big bang theory; supernatural; modern family
    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter; Twilight; horror films e.t.c.
    Favorite Musician: Fall Out Boy; Hollywood Undead; Three Days Grace; Rammstein; Joe Satriani; Black Eyed Peas; Papa roach; Bebe Rexha and lots of others ;)
    Favorite Book or Author: Harry Potter books; the Hunger Games; Twilight series ; All buku oleh Peter James; horror buku
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I see. Same here. These days have been pretty draining for me because of various matters. Mainly University. I recently finished with some assigments and currently studying for the upcoming Exams. It certainly takes a lot of energy indeed. There are quite a few things that have been put aside because of not having enough time. May I ask what are anda studying? diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
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Also, I 100% agree about the Danganronpa Characters. They are this Series strongest point. That's for sure. Each one of them is unique in their own way and they can be pretty relatable in many ways. I have quite a few favorit myself. As I said, anda are going to live a whole new experience oleh going through with the Games !!!! ·3 hari yang lalu
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P.S. I apologize for my late replying :P !!!! ·3 hari yang lalu
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╔♫═╗╔╗ ♥
╚═♫╝╚═╩═╩♫╩═╝♫╚╝╚ ═╩═╝
Send this to all the friends anda cinta LY <3 diposting ·5 hari yang lalu
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Ha I beat GDragon ·5 hari yang lalu
TheLefteris24 beri saya props untuk my answers
Good! If anda would like, anda can let me know when anda do. I am always up for seeing impressions and conversing about the Series. When it comes to Danganronpa, I take great pride in being an Expert so do not hesitate to come up with anything regarding it lol. About being busy, it is quite relatable. I can understand this feeling. Because of Work, I assume? diposting ·11 hari yang lalu