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The most handsome anime character.

290 answers | my answer: Soushi Miketsukami (Inu x Boku SS) <3

who is your favorit pokemon

33 answers | my answer: It's a mix-up between Umbreon and Ninetales.

Why did anda choose your username?

31 answers | my answer: Well I cinta the supernatural like ghost, spirits et...

What was the last song anda have listened?

17 answers | my answer: Brave-Sara Bareilles :3

20 pertanyaan can anda do it?'' ....go

29 answers | my answer: 1. Yes I am 2. No I didn't I just slept in and I i...

Any funny pictures?

20 answers | my answer: Welcome everyone to the wonderful world of the inte...

Do anda believe in ghosts? O.O

14 answers | my answer: No I don't believe. But who's to say they might not...

Does this creep out anyone else? 😨

5 answers | my answer: Don't worry the foto is fake. Its been edited in p...

3 - What is your first thought when anda see this picture?

10 answers | my answer: We humans are evil. binatang got rights too. I hate...

If anda were an animal, what kind of animal do anda think you'd be?

14 answers | my answer: A wolf, owl, atau leopard. Which are some of my favor...