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Ohh dude it's the same here lol, we just have summer and winter so I know what anda mean that it can suck not being able to see the leafs turn warna when it's fall. That's actually something on my bucket daftar I can do some hari atau see the ceri, cherry blossoms, ...and yeah me too am actually was born in the fall. Yeah winter can be cool but when it snows I only seen the snow once in my life lol. ...and thank you, I think your profil picture really cute,^^ diposting ·9 jam yang lalu
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It is extremely difficult to understand political concepts and nomenclature of a foreign country. Each country has different words for things, and every country has a different kind of government and what works best for them. anda have to live there for a hella long time to even have a remote grasp. But there are a lot of political and economical similarities too, such as the terms "right" and "left" in our respective countries and Mexico! diposting ·9 jam yang lalu
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The best way to understand anything is to relate it to what anda already know. Even then, it's difficult, but it helps with a lot of things for sure. Not really, I've only heard a few of her songs. She is very talented but her musik just doesn't appeal to me. Almost every kind of musik appeals to me, but not hers, which sucks because she's gr8. I cinta her song tenis Court though, especially the remix. For some reason, Royals, her most populer song, triggers my PTSD, even though my traumas have nothing to do with "blood stains in the bathroom" as far as I remember. I only knew about the Pure Heroine album because tenis Court was in it. ·9 jam yang lalu
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Lolol I can't believe I figured it out. I feel so smarticles now. (white people slang) Thank you! I'm so glad we can come to a mutual consensus on that. I see Israel as a house. People of all different cultures should be able to live there, but the place TECHNICALLY belongs to the people paying for the house, yk? Thx for the info <3 diposting ·2 hari yang lalu
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Conservative and liberal are common terms in American politics. Conservatives are the right while liberals are the left. Conservatives tend to focus on traditional customs and a weaker national government while liberals tend to focus on breaking those customs and having a stronger national government. It's probably different there though, those are just the definitions of right and left here. ·2 hari yang lalu
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And yes, actually, the album came out in 2013, I'm pretty sure! ·2 hari yang lalu