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big smile
PrueFever beri saya props untuk my comments
Thank anda so much :3 diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
whatsupbugs beri saya props untuk my comments
Hi. I hope that anda are having a wonderful weekend. diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
mhs1025 beri saya props untuk my comments
Thanks for the add! I was JUST in Dallas a couple days ago! diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
Chidori1334 berkata …
thanks for adding diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
1012jackson beri saya props untuk my comments
Thanks! diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
Phoenix98 berkata tentang fanpop
Just recently got back on here after a long time of being away and sadly it seems that not a lot of people use this site anymore either. I see some activity but not very much like I used to and much of the content/post are from over a tahun ago. I hope something can be done to save this site like updates, renovations, improvements maybe? I dunno..something to at least bring people back and bring new people on. Hate seeing this site so ghostly diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
Lunar-Knight0 komentar…
I noticed that it’s really quiet even whattpad komentar section is lebih lively and I just joined 2 days yang lalu ·9 bulan yang lalu
Flickerflame komentar…
I think it depends which fanpop klub anda visited. There are some with daily activity, and others which don't have update for years atau only have one active member. ·9 bulan yang lalu