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harry potter

Have any of anda had any HP related dreams???

19 answers | my answer: Yes!...And it was soo freaking weird!! I was at...
harry potter

Why does Tom Riddle look so much different then Voldemort?

6 answers | my answer: Tom Riddle is Voldemort.
harry potter

In the Battle of Hogwarts why were there hardly any parents fighting alongside atau for their children?

5 answers | my answer: I'm sure they were we just didn't see them. Mostly...
harry potter

If anda were harry potter. Would anda run and hide from the dark lord. atau would anda fight?

29 answers | my answer: I'd stand my ground and fight, he's killed people I...
harry potter

Harry Potter Questionnaire, help a fellow HP fan!

13 answers | my answer: 1.Yes I am a huge fan of the buku and movies. does...
harry potter

what was ur thoughts when u were membaca HP for first time????

20 answers | my answer: My first thought was Interestinggggg. LOL, best par...
harry potter

I believe anda should all hail the Lord.

20 answers | my answer: I am getting instantly tired of hearing this.
kingdom hearts

How did anda come across KH?

30 answers | my answer: Got it for natal one year, my brother and siste...
Danny Phantom

Are anda tottaly a fan of Danny Phantom?

10 answers | my answer: Sure am! :)

Is it weird i have dreams about new episodes?

8 answers | my answer: No, Not really.. I had a dream that I was helpin...