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MeiMisty berkata tentang acak
this will be my last message to anda all. what I mean oleh Yesus is coming that I see rumors of wars the weather is changing there are earthquakes and storms around the world if anda don't believe me look it up. am only a watchman and come to warn everyone that time is running out. I already seen china has a social credit score where they judging people on there behavior and Sweden as its people being chipped. the crazy part the bible warn about a mark of the beast which is leading today to a diposting kemarin
MeiMisty komentar…
cashless society. if anda dont believe me look it up. look at the systems in musik video with the checkered board and the all seeing eye. its in almost every celebrites musik video. bath tubs almost every celebritie has a picture of them in a bath tub. dont just believe me look for it yourself. its on the back of a dollar bill. kemarin
sexyomega komentar…
The mirco-chipping is very real and the social credit score. The social credit score actually appeared in an episode of Black Mirror which I find insane. ·7 jam yang lalu
Ranty-cat komentar…
lol ·50 menit yang lalu
MeiMisty berkata tentang kristen
Whether anda believe in the Bible revelations atau not,but slowly and steadily its happening before our eyes folks.
Christians prepare yourself because the war is against us .Dont walk away now ,the time is near and we should face it with the power of God in our hearts.
The "they will call good evil and evil good" phrase has already come to play in our society.
Stay strong and God bless . diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
MeiMisty berkata tentang acak
The lebih your jantung breaks over the thought of anyone receiving everlasting judgment, the hotter your soul will burn to reach the lost with the gospel. Never stop fighting for souls. Yesus is coming. Be ready. diposting ·4 hari yang lalu
Zeppie komentar…
Yesus is coming, look busy. ·4 hari yang lalu
MeiMisty komentar…
I know people believe in different things I never berkata I didnt anda keep saying I hate anda and people who live in sin is different from telling people they have a father in heaven who loves them but not there sin. I am fine with anda I just dont agree how anda guys live i mean if anda guys want to live like that then why borther agruing with me it really is a waste of time and anda can be doing other things behinds talking to me. also again that is the old testament which is in the past. kemarin
MeiMisty komentar…
i cinta anda guys and i care about anda guys so thats why i talk about Yesus because i dont want people going to hell but i guess that fear tactics. if someone was about to fall off the cliff wouldnt anda warn them? its the same am doing whether anda like to believe it atau not but i am done because anda guys made your choice so my work here is done. kemarin