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  • Favorite Movie: Spirit Stallion of The Cimarron, Jurassic Park, The Princess Bride, Back to The Future trilogy,(I still have yet to decide lebih favorites)
    Favorite Book or Author: Jurassic Park oleh Michael Crichton, Holes oleh Louis Sachar
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MasterChief58 berkata tentang Watership Down
To say the least they retain a certain tone from book into the movie. Rather than making it into some cutesy and whimsical disney film. diposting sebulan yang lalu
MasterChief58 berkata tentang the power rangers
This club may be dying again... diposting ·2 bulan yang lalu
MasterChief58 berkata tentang komik marvel
R.I.P. Stan Lee. You’ll be missed.... diposting ·3 bulan yang lalu