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girls generation/snsd

SNSD bias rank

14 answers | my answer: 1. Tiffany 2. Sunny 3. SooYoung 4. TaeYeon 5. H...
girls generation/snsd

The reason why do many people hates Yoona SNSD???

90 answers | my answer: I really dont hate yoona, but i think she is too ov...
girls generation/snsd

Who is the MOST BEAUTIFUL member of SNSD?

289 answers | my answer: Prettiest girl in GG is tiffany and she is the best...
girls generation/snsd

who lebih pretty/cute krystal atau yoona??

13 answers | my answer: I this picture, I think Krystal is the prettiest on...
girls generation/snsd

who is the cutest is snsd?

9 answers | my answer: I think the cutest is Tiffany ^^
girls generation/snsd

Your favorit puncak, atas 10 SNSD song.

109 answers | my answer: 10. Gee 9. Oh! 8. Mr. Taxi 7. Dancing queen 6....
girls generation/snsd

how do i get props?

1 answer | my answer: Go to the person's page and click "give props" and...
girls generation/snsd

When anda hear SNSD, who is the member comes first in your mind ?

22 answers | my answer: Tiffany!
girls generation/snsd

who is the most stylish in snsd?

13 answers | my answer: YooNa! ^^ღ

Send A foto Of Your favorit kpop Bands❤PROPS❤

22 answers | my answer: My favorit is T-ARA and Bangtan Boys ^^