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star wars

Most valued bintang Wars character?

5 answers | my answer: Obi-Wan Kenobi. He's just amazing.

How many of anda are with Gay/Bi/Lesbion rights?

14 answers | my answer: Why shouldn't they have the same rights? They're st...

Are Christians not encouraged to read the Harry Potter books?

16 answers | my answer: Harry Potter is filled with the themes of 'Love con...

My spirit cries EVERY time people say OMG atau say the words. And people who say OMFG is the WORST. Don't anda agree? Please give your comments.

32 answers | my answer: I don't say it, I say 'oh my gosh'. I don't mind wh...

can anda say a prayer for my mom?

4 answers | my answer: You'll be in my thoughts. I'm so, so sorry for anda...

Whats Your view on Evolution?

14 answers | my answer: I'm all for evolution, my friend. It makes the most...
harry potter

How old were anda when anda discovered the world of Harry Potter?

202 answers | my answer: I was 6 when I first picked it up and read a bit of...
harry potter

do u think u would cinta harry potter as much as u do now if hp wasnt made into movies?

29 answers | my answer: Definatly, the films are good, but the buku are fa...
harry potter

Your puncak, atas 5 favourite characters?

230 answers | my answer: Ginny Weasley Luna Lovegood Hermione Granger Lil...
harry potter

Have anda had any weird Harry Potter related dreams?

61 answers | my answer: I was watching Harry, Ron and Hermione apparate and...