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LLheart berkata tentang regina dan emma
“[Regina] of all the characters has had an incredible journey, from the darkest of the dark to the lightest of the light, and she has really embraced the light side of life. I think it’s really a beautiful message, to have the tampil end that way.” — Jennifer Morrison diposting ·7 bulan yang lalu
LLheart berkata tentang regina dan emma
“She’ll always be Madame Mayor to me.”— Emma angsa, swan (S7E22) diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
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Right.In.The.Feels. ·8 bulan yang lalu
LLheart berkata tentang Bárbara & Mercedes
“I didn’t understand why I couldn’t have suitors the way Elsa and Augusta did. Until, I finally understood the reason, Papa, when Barbara moved to town.” — María Mercedes Möller diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu