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Kishin_Kira berkata tentang alpha and omega
F for this club diposting ·11 hari yang lalu
Kishin_Kira berkata tentang alpha and omega

Alpha and Omega 9 is fake. I know the person who made the logo and edited the press release. It was all a big prank. There is no new movie coming out. Quit messaging me about it, and also leave Ben Diskin and Kate Higgens alone if anda have been bombarding him with messages. It was all a prank and its not happening XD diposting ·12 hari yang lalu
Kishin_Kira komentar…
And no I'm not saying who it is because knowing how people tend to "behave" out of this I'm not giving out his identity due to safety. And for the record I had nothing to do with it really I just happen to know the guy. He's not even on here. So don't bother harassing me about it lol ·12 hari yang lalu
simba23a komentar…
Why did he do it then ·12 hari yang lalu
Kishin_Kira komentar…
Because idk he wanted to and thought it was funny? lol ·12 hari yang lalu
simba23a berkata …
So this about at Alpha and Omega 9 being fake I am a bit confuse about this that press release was fake but I have to few things to anda first a mouth yang lalu anda saw some thing about an Alpha and Omega 9 on Splash Website but it got deleted and also on of the a&o facebook groups the user who leaked the logo got from Splash Website before it got taken down so it may still be happing. diposting ·23 hari yang lalu
Kishin_Kira komentar…
I was messing with ya'll. There is no alpha and omega 9. I know the person who made the leaks too but I'm not saying who out of respect of their privacy. The whole thing was just a prank. He literally made the logo on photoshop in less than 5 menit and the press release is just an edited version of the one for Alpha and Omega 2. I promise you, it's fake. ·14 hari yang lalu