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Nicolas97 berkata …
She's a very good friend to Guzman and she'll totally have an arc in s2. I hate Christian, I think he's my least favorit character in the end. diposting ·22 hari yang lalu
Nicolas97 berkata …
They’re precious<3
My favorit are Nadia, Ander, Guzman, Omar, Manu & Lu :) diposting ·26 hari yang lalu
Nicolas97 berkata …
ELITE ! <333
+ I ship these two so hard, my #2 ship from the tampil :) diposting ·26 hari yang lalu
xoheartinohioxo berkata …
Never watched Fast & Furious but I don't ship LP at all

It still cracks me up how anda went from loving them to not shipping at all lmfao!! diposting sebulan yang lalu
Kirkir komentar…
People change :p hahaha sebulan yang lalu
xoheartinohioxo komentar…
Haha true! sebulan yang lalu
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Thea & Roy New Spot Look forum 2018/2019

menyerahkan your icon and matching banner(s) here, for the future update of Thea & Roy's spot.

link diposting ·6 bulan yang lalu
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I cinta your Justin icon!! diposting ·7 bulan yang lalu
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Thanks ^___^ ·7 bulan yang lalu
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hey there!

Would anda like to vote and maybe leave a komentar in this The Vampire Diaries poling I made here:

It would really help me and I'd appreciate it :) diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
mooshka berkata …
Ugh you're making me want to rewatch the episode on your icon <33
One of my favorit gen 2 episodes along with the one where they all go camping!!! diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
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bayi ON YOUR ICON<33333 diposting ·8 bulan yang lalu
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Your icon makes me horny vol. 2 diposting ·11 bulan yang lalu
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You’re welcome lmao ·11 bulan yang lalu