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  • Female, 21 years old
  • Amerika Serikat
  • Favorite TV Show: Andi Mack
    Favorite Movie: All of the barbie film
    Favorite Musician: Emmet Cahill
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Thank anda so much dearie....
your motto is great too..As it's of Barbie's........
And your icon is pretty too....
Well Are anda into Hollywood movies???
What type of film do anda like? diposting ·24 hari yang lalu
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hey dear
How are you???
How have anda been??? diposting sebulan yang lalu
FairyAmbassador komentar…
I have been good! It is so nice to hear from you! I miss talking to everyone on the BM spot. There is not a lot of activity on there at the moment. I hope that when news start coming out about the new barbie movies/specials (like ikan lumba-lumba, lumba-lumba Magic), it will be lebih active again. How are you? ·27 hari yang lalu
pinkydoll komentar…
I'm great too dear.....I hope that too...BTW live-action barbie movie is soon to be out yikes!!!So do anda have any news about the lived action movie?? ·24 hari yang lalu
pinkydoll komentar…
I miss all of the conversations.... we had so ma y long conversations about the BMs.....and that was so fun...... ·24 hari yang lalu
pinkydoll komentar…
*many ·24 hari yang lalu
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cinta your icon and banner <33 diposting sebulan yang lalu
FairyAmbassador komentar…
Thank anda so much! sebulan yang lalu