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hehehe thanks for understanding Eugene!!!
I am totally agree with you!! we are humans not machines XD
awee working with binatang is so good*-*yoiu did a great job with helping stray animals<3
I wish I could live in south Korea too(but it`s very expensive to live there)
lucky you,how Long anda stay in South Korea?
make some foto if anda get the time awee!!you can it upload in our clubbie*-* diposting ·3 hari yang lalu
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yeah natal and silvester are very close and now 2019 is geeting to an end omg time flies!!!next tahun time will change here oleh my lil boy and me too!! ·3 hari yang lalu
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and december I had my bday(6th december) I am getting old xD ·3 hari yang lalu
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thank anda too Eugene hugs and cinta your Lion Luca and Kat ·3 hari yang lalu
GDragon612 beri saya props untuk my videos
sorry I forget sometimes what i have say before xD
shame on me xD
don`t say sorry Eugene!!!I understand it anda know!!!
so what anda doing now?
my sweet photographer =D
OMG really anda live in Korea now?
anda can be so lucky awee!!!
I wish I could live in South Korea too awee!!!
sorry for the late reply! diposting ·4 hari yang lalu
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I> am pretty busy these days too!! billion of hugs,christmas vibes,love,and heartsigns from Lion and me to you!!! ·4 hari yang lalu
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have a beautiful week Eugene!!! ·4 hari yang lalu
GDragon612 beri saya props untuk my videos
we are doing fine thank anda my sweet Eugene♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️ (have I ever told I am a mum since August 2017)I dont´know if i ahve told it before
I am so happy anda are doing fine awee!!!
so tell me =D
whats new ? do anda find your dreamjob,etc.?
let me know
we have alot to talk!!
hugs cinta and kisses your Kat♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️🌹♥️ diposting ·23 hari yang lalu
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hey Eugene❤️
awee it feels like milllion years since we talked
miss anda so freaking much!!!
how are you/what`s new?
awee hope anda find lebih time to come back here diposting ·26 hari yang lalu
NoNoobs berkata …
Fanpop’s admins are gone. Where’s anda fool admins now? diposting ·4 bulan yang lalu
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What do anda mean? ·4 bulan yang lalu
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Happy Easter, Eugene! diposting ·7 bulan yang lalu
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Hey, how are you? Hope anda enjoy this Easter to take a break from work ;) ·7 bulan yang lalu
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And update: after watching The Dark Knight trilogy I think I have a new favorit hero now. Loved not only Batman, but all the villains as well! Those were the first DC film I watched, but I think I already like it better than Marvel lol. What about you? Have anda ever watched it? And are anda excited for Avengers Endgame? I will watch it selanjutnya week probably, think it’s gonna be a good movie ·7 bulan yang lalu
mmeBauer komentar…
And what do anda like to watch besides superhero movies? ·7 bulan yang lalu
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Man! So am I! I wasn't going to go start all over with a new account 🙈

It's no problem, I know how hectic life can get. So what kind of jobs are anda looking into?

Tell me about it! Life is just so unpredictable, in school anda could plan and plan and the possibilities were endless and now it's like anda gotta take whatever anda can because opportunities are rare. Every missed opportunity feels like a failure rather than windows opening. And every plan has variables out of your control. diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
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Life brings out the pessimism with all the stress but anda always gotta look for the silver linings and be friends with the optimist in anda ·9 bulan yang lalu
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But yo
anda are my bestie and I'm glad about it :D
Isn't it strange how we are friends even tho we haven't met atau live near each other . I like my destiny XDD diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
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Missing our time mannnn ·9 bulan yang lalu
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people really never enjoy theirelves until they are old. We work hari and night to make a future for us then we work harder for our kids and finally when we have enough back balance to relax atau take a break we realise we are in our 50s lol and then nature surprise us with Alzaihmers disease and then we die
We live all our life to impress others and in the end we only get few words of how 'great ' we were when we were alive and then everyone forgets us so quickly diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu
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I asked my sister in law for alot of pillows and new comfy tempat tidur as a present for my birthday XDD she thinks I'm insane. But I try too hard to stay awake 0_o ·9 bulan yang lalu
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U are right our only bestie is our tempat tidur ♡♡ ·9 bulan yang lalu
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Feeling like you're not going anywhere in life is normal-or I dunno,I just feel like that every 5 minutes.But it's a good thing anda want to do something to change that and I hope everything works out for you.And moving seems like a geat idea-fresh start and all that :)
I would like nothing more.I just do not have the money for a bomb.Maybe we should steal one... diposting ·9 bulan yang lalu