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RotationalFever beri saya props untuk my answers
hey you!!!

It's been a long while since I've spoken to you, I haven't been on this site in a couple years so it's no worries.

I hope you're doing well! diposting ·23 jam yang lalu
mmeBauer beri saya props untuk my pop quiz questions
hey Eugene! No problem, actually I’m also dealing with the problem of coming here lebih often
anda read the comics? Cool, I never read any superhero comics because 1) I never knew them as a kid, I actually thought superhero originally came from animated shows; 2) I’m too lazy to cari for magazines stores, I don’t even know if they exist in my city anymore lol
But it must have some differences between the comics and the movies, right? I heard Thor was actually alcoholic in the comics... diposting ·24 hari yang lalu
mmeBauer komentar…
I also like Iron Man, but mostly the two first movies, I didn’t like the last one. Have anda watched it? I am afraid of getting into details and revealing a spoiler ·24 hari yang lalu
mmeBauer komentar…
And btw is there any superhero anda prefer in the cartoons? ·24 hari yang lalu
mmeBauer komentar…
Hope you’re not too busy with work... kisses ·24 hari yang lalu
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Cause I wanted to give anda sweets on halloween xp diposting sebulan yang lalu