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 Ignore the menulis does not have to do with the story.
Ignore the writing does not have to do with the story.
"I'm sorry we have to spend our honeymoon in the hospital". Zuko berkata lying in the hospital bed, and holding Katara's hand. "Don't be" Katara said. "If anyone should be sorry it's Mai, and she will be If I ever see her agian" Katara said. "Let's not talk about Mai". Zuko said. "I want to talk about you, what did anda do today"? He asked. "Zuko". Katara berkata with chuckle. "I havn't left anda side since Mai hurt you". Katara said. "I know, I was just making conversation". Zuko berkata still holding Katara's hand. "I know what we can talk about". Katara berkata sitting on the bed. "What"? Zuko asked....
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We reached to Ember Island (with a little help from Appa of course) just in time to see the play. I noticed that Zuko brought Mai along with him. My soul ragged with anger as I saw the two of them holding hands. Aang was with me too, but we didn't held each others hands; he tried though, but I always released it, as I berkata before, I just pretended to cinta him. We sat at the same seats we did last time, Toph however, sat up front so her feet can see it. I sat selanjutnya to Zuko like last time, but Mai was sitting selanjutnya to him too, and Aang sat oleh me also.

The play began. The actors for Sokka and...
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When she looked at me,
Her eyes pierced my heart
With vengeless anger,
Longing to be set free;
A familiar fire
That burned and would not depart ….

When she yelled at me,
My jantung was torn oleh sorrow
For her, as if longing to be
In her place, to prevent today
What could not be saved tomorrow;
Her price I would gladly pay…

When her hand struck me,
I was stunned
By the gentleness of her caress
On me—the enemy she had shunned;
She did not her hurt repress,
Yet did not tear down my dignity….

When she cried to me,
Her tears were as showers
Pelting my soul with grief unspoken;
Like burning flowers,
Grieving with...
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Found this picture on DeviantArt and it seemed to tell a story.
This takes place during a period not long after the events of Sozin’s Comet.
After being crowned Firelord, Zuko forgoes the takhta and chooses to travel to the various water tribes and earth kingdoms, but now no longer as a refugee, atau outcast, but as an ambassador. He has left the api nation to the care attention of his Uncle, the one person Zuko feels should have ascended the takhta in the first place. But Uncle Iroh is only akting as an interim Firelord until Zuko returns. Uncle is happy just to open a teh shop, entertain guests,...
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As everyone plaiyed in the water, Katara kept staring at Zuko. Feeling her eyes on hi, he turned to her ans asked "Why are anda staring at me?" She simply pointed at the scar on his chest, the scr that Azula left from the Agni Kai.
"Everytime I look at that, it just keeps reminding me of how stupid i was to let my guard down while anda and Azula were fighting. Because of me, anda almost died!" Katara couldn't stand the fact she almost made him die, and although a yaer had passes, the scar looked as if it had happened yesterday.
"Let's not forget who saved my life... Katara." Zuko finally answered....
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 Ninja Awesomeness
Ninja Awesomeness
Katara barley got away from Aang that night, he had wanted to take her to some play but she had declined saying she wasn't feeling well and needed some extra sleep. After agreeing to meet at the foutain they had also made plans on what they were going to do. They had decided to that Zuko would bring some money and they would leave some for needy families, that was her idea but he also wanted to try and take out some of the gang violence that was happening around the city. She finally reached the fountain.
"Ready?" she asked. Zuko was waiting for her, dressed in his old ninja clothes just like...
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 Not in the story I just thought it was pretty**)
Not in the story I just thought it was pretty**)
"Come on Zuko" Katara, said. "We want to be there to meet Aang and Toph when they land." "I'm coming I'm coming", Zuko berkata running out of breath. (Appa grunts) "There they are", Katara berkata pointing twards the sky. oleh the time Zuko caught up to her Aang and Toph had landed in the courtyard. "Katara! Zuko! It's so good to see you" Aang said, helping Toph off Appa. Then going to hug them. "Hey Sugarqueen, Sparky! How've anda been" Toph said. Hugging them. "Great, now that were getting married" Katara said. "Yeah" Zuko berkata in a dreamy way looking at Katara, Katara blushed. "Alright anda two love...
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 Not how it acually was in the story.
Not how it acually was in the story.
(The time peiod 7 years after sozins comit, the scean Zuko's room at the palace) Zuko was getting everything ready for when Katara came home. He lit the last candle when the door opend, Katara walked in. "Hi sweetie." She berkata befor relizing the beautiful site. "Hi", Zuko berkata with a rose in his mouth. "What is all this?" Katara berkata in amazment. "I just wanted a speciel eveining with my speciel girl", zuko berkata escorting her to the couch. "Awww, you'er so sweet Zuko", Katara berkata sitting on the couch. Well anda know. Zuko said. "Oh I got anda something", Zuko berkata reaching behind his back....
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Katara opened the door to her Dorm room.There she saw her room mate,Toph Bei Fong.
"Hey,Toph." she berkata and sat her bag oleh her bed.
"Hey,how life been treating ya over the summer?" Toph waved to her friend.
"You what happens every summer,make-ups,break-ups anda know," Katara answered and started to put her stuff in the drawer.
"What about you?"
"Heh,boring as ever,my parents won't even let me out the house!" Toph threw her hands up.Katara laughed.
"Well,no lebih of that huh..."
Toph and Katara went to go to lunch.
"I'll go get us a table," Toph said.Katara nodded and went to get her food.She...
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Chapter 3- Zuko’s Decision

    Zuko enjoyed Suki’s waffles. He was glad he didn’t eat Sokka’s pancakes. Though what he was really thinking about was Katara. When she had touched his arm, what felt like sparks crawled up his arm. He never felt this way about a girl before, especially a girl who is just supposed to be his friend.
    When he got back home, Mai greeted him in the huge doorway.
    “Where were you?” Mai asked, walking along with him.
    “I went to Aang’s house for breakfast,” Zuko answered....
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