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posted by Peace_out_kiss
Dear Diary,
Today is 7/24 and it is exactly two days before my birthday. And I couldn’t be happier. I went out of my room to see Sokka, Suki, Zuko, Aang, Mai, and Toph were in the sitting area. I sat in between Sokka and Toph. It was about lunch time so we all had nasi, beras and tea. I’m so glad Zuko finally learned how to make teh from his uncle who is now in Ba sing sa. Everybody started to eat. When everyone was done Sukie started planning tomorrow. “Were going on a shopping trip tomorrow. If anyone wants to gabung you’re lebih than welcomed.” And immediately Aang jumped up and explained “I’ll go!” Sokka looked at him confused. I couldn’t help the tiny giggle that escaped my lips. selanjutnya thing I knew all eyes were on me, I felt my cheeks get hot. Sokka had an idea that we all watch a movie together. Sukie sat on Sokka’s lap on the single chair. On the larger dipan, sofa where Toph and Aang, so I decided to sit with them. Zuko and Mai were on the smaller dipan, sofa laying down Mai on the outside and Zuko’s arm around her. Sokka told Aang where the movie is. When is started to play everyone was silent. Toph was feeling the vibrations of the TV and she heard the whole thing. I looked around and saw Sokka and Suki face to face ciuman never looking away from each other. I looked away quickly in discuss. Then I turned to look at Zuko and Mai, she looked smug in his arms. I envied Mai she got the hottest boyfriend. Ever since Zuko grew out his hair he has never looked better. Every time I see hi my jantung starts pounding. Every time he touches me I have to keep myself together atau I will faint. Than Aang interrupted my wonderful thoughts. “The movie is a great cinta story. Huh Katara?” “Well…err…..yeah I guess so.” I berkata forgetting that a movie was on. So I had to sit and watch the rest of the movie, while my mind was somewhere else. After the movie everyone went to bed, but of course Sukie followed Sokka to her room. Tonight I tried to fall asleep as quickly as possible………
 sokka and suki in their room.
sokka and suki in their room.