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 What if Superboy's other donor is Catwoman?
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I think superman should hide from batman
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 I was sleeping,right after batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping,right after Batman came in and woke me up.
I was sleeping when batman woke me up saying:
There`s a mission and your late!.
I took litterraly 1 menit to get dressed and go to MT.Justice.

When I got there it was the Joker on the screen saying:Im having a Girl compettion and I need your girls Batsy,and Wonder woman atau The bomb in Central park will go off with a push of a button now don`t make me wait.

Great,first im late now I have to wear a pakaian renang, baju renang atau people die.
Hey guys,sorry im late umm I overslept.
"Its okay,but a girls compettion? what can he gain from that?"Asked M`gann
Lets just go there and get this over with the sonner we get there...
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The selanjutnya hari after. Recognized Zatara B O4 the machine berkata as Zatara walked in, Zatanna embraced him immeadiatley oleh giving him a hug. " I am so glad your safe" he berkata as his daughter looked up at him, " Why did they even take anda in the first place?" he asked, Zatanna who looked back at Robin and berkata " The Joker was trying to make us gabung his team, but in order to do that he thought if he could get the one thing the other person most cared for, then we would join", Zatara eyed his daughter oddly then asked " but who most cares for you?" he whispered in his daughters ear. "I-I im not sure"...
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