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BladeYJ posted on May 20, 2012 at 05:14PM
I'm really to lazy to sign into my other account... so

I'll need
Any Secrets you have

:P I'm only taking a certain amount. (Not sure how many people yet) SOOO :P
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu EclipseYJ said…
Name: Phoebe Katia Shannelle Alice Rouge
Alise: Eclipse
Race: White,Human (half french and Japanise) And is the DUTCHESS of Paris
Hair: Brown (but looks a little blond in the rain)
Eyes: Green (but she has to wear contact lences because her eyes are purple and can hypnotize if looked into for to long)
Gender: Female
Age: 13 (but her soul has been living since the dawn of time, her host body is 13)
Mentor: Wolverine/Professore Xavier
Relation: Single, member of the team ( but also an avenger, x-man and shield agent

Powers: Extremely powerfull Magic, (can make anytype of gun or eeapon with magic) 2 guns and 2 samuri swords which she can use to slice bullets in half, wings, adamantium claws and skin (which are her nails but they can extend to about 30cm & when in adamantium mode she can be as strong as superman), potion maker, wand (black with a cystal on the end), amazing gymnast and when really really really ticked off she goes/transformes into Hysteria mode making her 10 times faster and stronger (link), doesn't feel any pain even if shot of stabbed and is unable to die but can still bleed, has a jet called the Blackbird RC77, has a pet raven called Roulette which is half of her soul and if roulette gets hurt so does Eclipse and vise versa, has butterfly douge where her whiole body turns into blue and black butterflys for a sec so she can douge bullets or amo, can use any gun or weapon, Extreme reflexes and sences, pro athlete and gymnast, master potion maker and professional escape artist

Personality: she will suffer for anyone else, shows no emotion, isn't (and rather talented) afraid to kill
Appearance: Black cloak with over sized hood, purple long sleved top, Necklace with the symbol of omega, black corset, purple gloves, black leggings, black skirt with belt that wraps around waist, purple boots

Story: She got her powers at the age of 4, her parents hated mutants and abused her until one day both her sisters where murdered (she is a triplet) and her parents blamed it on her so she ran away from home and traveled the world and diffrent dimentions and learned how to fight, she came back to her house and found out her parents had been killed to. She stayed at and orghanage (the same one willow lived at) and never spoke a word until Charles xavier found her and made her an x-men, she also joined the avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D and is best friends with Iron girl. She had to leave all of the groups because since she had 5 difrent souls inside her they all try and take over her host makeing some of her inner power come out uncontrolably.

Secrets: her hole past is a lie, she hides her ture apperance, she is being hunted down by the goverment

xxxxxxxx Thank you hun xxxxxxxxxxxx
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lebih dari setahun yang lalu InfamousYJ said…
Name: Evan Jedediah Macgrath 

Alias: Infamous

Occupation: Hero

Age: 14

Gender: Male.

Appearance: Black hair and greens eyes. 5’7, scar over his left eye. tattoos on forearms.

Civvies: White shirt, black pants, and black converse, 

Costume: Black shirt, and Navy blue pants with a white star on the right leg, black and white shoes, a satchel that holds amp and other various items

Personality:shy, but brave when needed,loving, sticks up for what he believes in.

Relation to team: Fangs bestfriend. (isn't it ironic?) 

Powers/skills: Electricity His healing factor can be accelerated further when Evan absorbs electricity (Electric Drain) Evan is also able to use neuroelectric energy to his advantage, allowing him to extract a deceased individual's residual neuroelectric energy from their neurons' synapses to see the individual's final moments (Psychic Vision), and create a faint outline (called an "echo") of the path taken by an individual tied to the deceased's cause of death. He can also use this to faintly see an image of where a deceased individual might have kept a hidden package. he is able to continuously conjure the "echo" of an individual through the use of his radar-like ability (Radar Pulse). With Electrokinesis, after absorbing energy from a nearby electrical power source, Evan is able to fire a bolt of lightning out of his hands and onto any target he has it aimed to (Lightning Bolt). This bolt will not only inflict damage comparable to a firearm, but will electrocute any body of water, killing anyone standing in it within several feet of Evan's target. This can be used to Evan's advantage when in the sewers, as enemies will often attack Evan while standing waist-deep in sewer water. Several variations of this attack include: a continuous chain of lightning (Arc Lightning), concentrate a massive amount of energy into a single bolt (Overload Burst), and also accurately aim and fire a lightning bolt (Precision).With Electromagnetism,Evan is able to perform several attacks, such as the ability to throw a collected amount of energy onto a target, similar to a grenade (Shock Grenades), fire a massive amount of concentrated energy that explodes on impact (Megawatt Hammer), and generate a shockwave (Electromagnetic Shockwave). Evan is also able to hover in the air using electromagnetism (Static Thrusters), and also grind through metal wires and railings (Induction Grind). Evan is also able to form a defensive barrier that can protect him from harm through the use of electromagnetism (Polarity Wall).
Also, Evan is able to perform "touch-related" actions, and also heal a nearby injured individual back up their feet (Pulse Heal). Evan also has exhibited some form of weather control, the primary example being able to call forth an extremely powerful bolt of lightning from the sky, and able to control its direction when prolonged (Lightning Storm). Static Thrusters and the Precision attack, while other powers have been revamped considerably. now using a powerful electric baton instead of hand-to-hand (The Amp). and also able to gain other variations, such as the ability to blast a longer, stronger bolt (Magnum Bolt) and also the ability to blast a bolt that has a farther range (Artillery Bolt). Evan is also able to further evolve several of his abilities, including the Grenades and Shockwave attacks. Evan is also able to interchange between several of his powers as he combats his enemies, swapping from one power to another] Evan has also furthered his Electrokinesis and Electromagnetism, able to use a form of telekinesis, as he is able to lift a car through the use of his powers, and able to throw them at his opponents (Kinetic Pulse). Evan is also able to gain electrokinetic abilities that improve his mobility, such as the ability to jump at a higher altitude while on top of a car (Car Jump) and also the ability to create a tether that allows Evan to drag himself to a surface that allows the tether to attach (Lightning Tether). He has also exhibited new forms of attack, such as the ability to use lightning as a lasso, and drag enemies off of their feet (Lightning Hook) and an enhanced Shock Grenade, able to electrocute several enemies before detonation (Electrocution Grenade). and spiking off a tall icicle from the ground, able to jump greater heights (Ice Launch). Frost Shield). 

Weakness: has to absorb energy from a different power source in order to perform the stronger and energy-consuming powers. When out of energy, Evan is only limited to certain powers, and can only perform minimal actions and attacks. Also, Evan's body reacts to the energy that's surrounding him. If energy is absent in the area, Evan's body weakens, which makes him even more vulnerable. Water.

Weapons: Amp, same as his fathers. 

Past: While fighting crime with his father, Evan was introduced to a large amount to electricity, he later learned he is a conduit just like his father Cole.

Secrets: None.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu GravityBoyYJ said…
Name: Lucas Story

Age: 16

Hero name: Gravityboy

personality: he often annoys people with his jookes or comments or gets in fights with Phoebe or Blade about silly arguments, he is very caring when it comes the time to be and a very easy going person when he can be.

Relations: dating Artemis, younger brother to Whiteshadow

Appearnace: blonde hair and brown eyes

Powers: he has many skillls in hand to hand combat and is able to defy gravity

Story: Lucas was 6 when his mother sister and father died, he was of an assasin family and was trained in the skills he has now, SportsMaster and Cheshire killed Lucas's parents because they defied him and Luke got away before he was killed to, Lucas got his powers by being hit by a radioactive meteroite, his bloodline was cursed with Leukimia and it is hard to be treated becuase noones blood compromises his family bloodlines, his brother Eric tried to force him to join the injustice league for many years but Lucas always rejected it, he was so desperate people knew notihng about his past. He and his brother are the only ones left in the family with the rare bloodliine.

Secrets: Lucas is in alliance with the light
lebih dari setahun yang lalu GravityBoyYJ said…
big smile
( as Mclovin)

Name: Willow Stevens

Age: 15

Hero name: Cyrus

personality: Willow is a very shy person who has low self esteem on herself though she is actually very pretty, she tries too be oout going at tiimes but usually isnt, she is very emotional when she is yelled at.

Relations: Dating Wally and older siister to Becca

Appearance: long brown hair with brown eyes and fairly tanned skin.

powers: Willow has some training in the mystic arts but each spell she must pracitce enough to use, she can also teleport, her eyes glow blue when her powers are in use and she can shoot beams froom her hands.

Story: Willow was seperated from her parents when she was born before Becca was yhears after, she was left on a porch when she was a baby and taken in to an adoption house, one day she was adopted by a man that abused her and hit her but ran away finally joining the team.

( oh and Lucas's eyes glow orange when his powers are in use)
lebih dari setahun yang lalu GravityBoyYJ said…
( as Mclovin)

Name: Bloodmist

Age: 16

secret ID: Unknown

personality: he can be a flirt and apppear behind people when they least expect it making him mysterious, he has a very cocky attitude and mostly flirts with Blade.

Relations: ( i think) in a relationship with Blade

Appearance: you know his outfit im assumiing.

powers: he has no powers but is very goood in hand to hand combat and with weapons.

Story: unknown

lebih dari setahun yang lalu DeltaYJ said…
Name: Delta
Civi Name: Danna Grayson
Place of Origin: Cadmus labs
Age: 12
Powers: Can see anyone's past, present, and future just by looking at them, though she always acts like she does not have the power, and never breaks the future. (unwillingly, she hates the power)(never talks about the power. Vary little people know about it)
Personality: Trollish, loves to mess with people, off missions she always goofs off, can become serious if needed, loves cameras(she always has one around for her pranks), loyal ((Her personality is a lot like Robin's. She is his half clone/sister))
Outfit: Tight black suit with blue highlights, special electronic glasses that show her information, utility belt that she puts across her body like a sash.
Weapons: Gun, she switches from real bullets to crystal needles filled with different kinds of toxins(crystal bullets are similar to the Needler in Halo)
Weakness: Her past
Personal background to YJ: Robin's sister
Personality: Changes a lot she can be kind to raging depending on her situation. Mostly a smart-Alec, trickster, but mostly kind. She acts vary similar to her brother, Robin.

Background: Created in Cadmus apart of Project 'Justice' where they created 100 experiment kids, 50 made it out of creation, 25 lived past age 2, only 5 considered successive. All were given DNA of several heroes, Delta has the DNA of Robin, Batman, Green Arrow, and Speedy (also Dick Graysons parents for unknown reasons). She and the rest of the survivors were tested and trained brutally. She and the other 4 manged to escape with the gear the Lab foolishly gave (Special equipment ((suit, her gun, a morphing transport))) But as soon as they escaped they were captured and sold on the black-market, like slaves, they were bought by a assassin group, The Lone Wolves. The Lone Wolves trained her to kill and for a while she actually enjoyed killing, only later did she see that killing was wrong. she was on a team with a Angel, Demon and a boy. They lived there for 4 years, escaped at age 9. She had already murdered hundreds of people. She escaped and met up with her old family from Cadmus trained again with each other for a year, then separated. Delta roamed around for a year then met Batman and her brother, Robin, then joined Young Justice.
lebih dari setahun yang lalu BladeYJ said…
Ok FOURM CLOSED! Uhh I might include people just to include 'em but they won't have a huge role in the story.. :)