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Artemis stared at M'Gann. "So," she began quietly. "You've known this entire time since anda were on Earth, that the martians and kromotaions were in some sort of blackmarket?" Wally glances at Artemis. He can tell she is furious. "I-I was." the scared martian admitted, wiping her tears away. Artemis looked away and narrowed her eyes. Dick sighed. "It isn't exactly her fault Artemis." The angry girl glowered even more. "She lied to us, Nightwing. What do anda expect me to do? Accept and pindah on?" Wally rolled his eyes and snapped, "That is the stupidiest thing I've ever heard Artemis. anda kept a secret from us. That Sportsmaster is your father and Cheshire your sister. And that your mom was the Tigress. So don't get on M'Gann's case because you've done the same thing!" Dick looks at Wally. Now everyone can tell that Artemis is angry. "You are only saying that because anda like M'Gann!" she yelled. "You always have! anda always will! Nothing will change that! That is the only reason why anda are defending her!" M'Gann sniffed and looked at Wally. He stared at Artemis. "I..." Dick stood up and slammed his hands on the table. "GUYS." he snapped. "Artemis, Wally likes you, not M'Gann. He was going to tell anda but everytime he went to, anda were always mad at him!" That shuts her up. She stares at Wally, who is avoiding her gaze. "Now shut up and listen." Dick continues. "M'Gann knew. But she couldn't tell anyone because there is a death penalty. She didn't want to die." Wally shrugged and looked at Dick. "I knew it." M'Gann looks up startled. "How?" He shrugged. "Because I'm smart." He glances at Artemis out of the corner of his eye. No reaction, no comment. She is just staring at her hands with a blush growing on her face. "How are we going to handle this?" she finally speaks. "Suppose I lend anda some of my knowledge on the situation." M'Gann speaks softly, closing her eyes and displaying an image in each person's mind. I've established a telepathic link, so there is no way anyone can hear us, she says. So I knew about the black market ever since I was little. As a child, it was extremely rare to know about this, being as anda can't participate until anda are older. Someone found out I knew, and then I was threatened with a death penalty if I told anyone. A sudden thought erupts the serious moment, He likes me... Dick and Wally stare at Artemis. Oh, I um, sorry. M'Gann shakes her head. The martians are providing them with Bio-ship technology and other weapons. Dick suddenly pulls out a notebook; the one Artemis had shown Wally. Is this number approximately correct, he asks mentally, pointing to the product of Artemis's mass calculation. Yes, this is amazing...Wally how did anda figure it out? Wally shakes his head and points at Artemis. She did it. Not me. Give her the credit. Artemis suddenly gets up and leaves. "Maybe we should talk about this later?" Dick suggests, standing up. Wally nods. M'Gann suddenly flies out of the room as well. "Oh and bro," Wally says smirking. He punches Dick in the arm. "That's for telling Artemis." He frowns and leaves the room. Dick scratches his head. "Well then..." Then he rubs his arm. "Ow."
Artemis had run to her room and locked the door. Too much drama. Too much knowledge. It was all overwhelming. A knock is heard and she stares at the door. "Artie?" whispers the voice. She closes her eyes. Not now.., she thought. "Art, I'm not going anywhere until anda open this door." Artemis stood in front of the door. Her hand rested on the button to open it. "Artie..." She took her hand off the button. "Wally, what are anda doing?" asked a voice. "Oh Batman, I..." he answered nervously. Artemis sat on her tempat tidur and listened. "Well let me fill anda in on this new mission." The footsteps faded down the hallway. "Finally, I'm alone." she breathed, laying back. But not for long, a voice whispered in her head.
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Klarion walked through old spooky woods with his pet cat Teekal in his arms, he stopped at a four way path. " How about right here....." Klarion said, Teekal meowed and jumped out of Klarions arms, " finally.." Klarion berkata placing a crystal in the middle of the paths creating a giant magical board like floor around Klarion, Klarion stepped into a small circle, " now to bring together the team...." Klarion said. " Wotan...Black brior thorn...Felix Frost...Wizard..." Klarion berkata each name as they appeared in different small circles around the circle. " now.... lets put on a show..." Klarion...
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“No,” Roy berkata automatically. Ollie gave him a pained look.

“Spee—Red Arrow,” he said, and it had to be bad if Ollie was actually respecting the codename change. He continued, “You know I’d never ask anda to do this normally,” which was a complete and total lie and they both knew it.

Roy crossed his arms. He glowered harder, because clearly Ollie wasn’t getting the message.

“I’m not your babysitter,” he berkata through gritted teeth....
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