A rubah betina stood on the stage, adorning a black dress which fanned out, as pure white ruffles erupted from beneath the cloth. The ruffles hung to her feet and concealed her silver pumps.Lengthy silk hair, the color of death itself, cascaded and caressed her face and back. Her lips were painted black, matching the dark eye-shadow, sprinkled with glitter, on her lids. And as she leaned in and tapped the microphone with one gloved finger, all the men of the bar turned and looked upon her with hungry, lustful eyes.

One in particular stood out, his red eyes blazing as he looked the girl over. Shifting slightly he leaned meneruskan, ke depan and examined every defining detail, the way she stood, looked, breathed. He was sure that blood rushing through her veins was sweet. His dark onyx hair, flowed over his shoulders, as he tipped a wine glass to meet his lips, waiting for the tampil to commence.

"Tonight's song will be 'Seven Devils'. I, Lady Deception, shall be doing the vocals. My partner, Mistress Madness, shall be on the piano. Throughout the tampil there will be private sessions, but, anda have to be chosen, if anda aren't I'm dearly sorry." The woman spoke, her voice cool with a tinge of vice, as her eyes met with the man sitting in the back. She scanned the crowd and gave a curt, unnoticeable nod to the shadows before moving swiftly to the left, to let her partner enter the spotlight.

Clicking, of ribbon bound stilettos, echoed off the walls of the now quiet bar. A new woman, dark brown hair in luscious curls, took the stage. Lips, dark red, curved into a smirk as she stood beside the blacked haired beauty, their dresses were nearly identical, except the bodice, the wearer -presumably- being Mistress Madness wore, was red with white. Smoothly, she gave a wink to the crowd before trailing off to the Grand piano on the right, taking her seat, and placing her fingers on the starting notes. She, too, nodded toward the shadows, almost invisibly, before looking to Lady Deception who placed her lips close to the microphone.


"Will anda shush?" An aggravated hiss came from the shadows, concerning the continuous grunts and whines.
"Shush? you're not the one who has to wear this stupid dress...Is this what strippers feel like?"
"Will you, please, be quiet, 'Red Rose'?" The aggravation grew as pale eyes glared at the complainer then back out to the crowd of men.
"Why did anda have to come, Terror would've picked something a little less revealing and a little lebih comfortable."
"Well, Terror, is dealing with other matters, remember? And anda have be able to lure him in. Now shush."
"Oh, speaking of: Did anda find hi-" Fingers curled around the girls mouth and he tightened his grip, quieting the her, as a dark haired male passed, his black tux and red kemeja reflecting the color of his hair and eyes. Slowly, the boy let go and muttered,"Yes, tampil time, ya' ready?"
"No.. Honestly, this sucks.. I feel-"
"You look. fine, now go out there.. so we can leave."
Short blonde locks bounced, as she gave a soft nod, her lone ruby eye blinking slowly as she watched the man take a closer kursi to the stage.
"You got the dagger..?"
"Be careful, Discord."
"You too, and hey, don't worry, Dec, he'll regret ever punching those holes in my neck.~"


The notes of the piano began, striking high and low, slowly, before the vocals began.
"Holy water cannot help anda now.." The power rung in her voice.
"Thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn your kingdom down."
She continued as a blonde made his way through the crowd, a girl accompanying him. The woman made her way to the doorway of a back room as the boy took a kursi beside the dark haired male from earlier.

"Holy water cannot help anda now
See I've come to burn your kingdom down~"

The lyrics echoed out as Declan leaned forward,"Hey.."
Red eyes narrowed as they were pulled from the girl on stage,"What?"
"The name's Talon.."
"Well, Damian, I think someone has their sights set on you.."
"Over there.." Declan nodded to the doorway, the girl stood in.
"You sure she isn't looking at you..?" He let out a husky tone as he examined the girl.
"Hundred percent, she sent me over.."
"She sent you..?"
"Yeah, too scared you'd turn her down.."
Damian thought it over, looking his invitation over intently, hungrily. An eyepatch wit a red rose covered her left eye, which matched the rosey dress she wore. It was straight across her chest and the sleeves hung on the sides of her shoulders, and the hem ended at the midst of her thigh, tights covering up the exposed flesh of her legs, which held high-heels, with a rose on each one, on her feet. Her hair barely skimmed her shoulders in short layers as her red eye gazed, unblinking, at him.
For a membagi, split detik he thought she seemed familiar but the make-up she wore helped erase the name he couldn't quite put his tongue on.
Her eye lingered on Declan and a small concerned expression creased his forehead but he let it go unnoticed.

"And no rivers and no lakes can put the api out
I'm gonna raise the stakes, I'm gonna smoke anda out."

"Fine..What's her name?"
"She goes by, Red Rose.."
"Mhm.. Thanks.."Damian stood, making his way over to his prey. As he reached her, she took him oleh the tie, leading him through the dark hallways of the back room.

"Seven devils all around me!
Seven devils in my house!
See they were there when I woke up this morning
I'll be dead before the hari is done."

Quickly, Discord pulled him into a room, pressing him onto the chair in the center of the dimly lit area. Her fingers crawled up his chest as she narrowed her eyes, slowly she shifted meneruskan, ke depan sitting on his lap, facing him. Ruby met Crimson as Damian moved to touch her but she pressed hands away,"No.. you're not aloud to touch."

"Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in your house
See I was dead when I woke up this morning
I'll be dead before the hari is done
Before the hari is done.

A groan erupted from the man as the girl ground against him, and he picked his hands back up, causing her to and recite the rule she gave him earlier. He ignored it and picked her up, pressing her against the wall, one of his hands resting on her hip as he leaned in, daring to brush his lips against hers. Gradually, he moved his lips to her neck, forcing her head to the side. She pushed on him, trying to pry herself free, as she felt fear seep in when his fangs touched her neck.

"And it's an even song
It's a melody
It's a battle cry
It's a symphony..."

"So tell me.." His breath hot against her flesh,"What's your name?"
Discord reached down into the concealed pocket on her dress, struggling to get a grip on the silver dagger diberikan to her earlier.

"Seven devils all around me
Seven devils in my house
See they were there when I woke up this morning
I'll be dead before the hari is done."

"M-My name.." She fought back the fear and replied cooly,"You should know it.."
"Hmmm" He pulled back looking at her rather oddly.
"You don't know..? anda should, you're the one that gave it to me.." She continued as she held the dagger secretly.

"Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in your house
See I was dead when I woke up this morning
I'll be dead before the hari is done
Before the hari is done
Before the hari is done
Before the hari is done.

Realization flooded over him as his grip went from affectionately rough to aggressive,"Discord.."
She gave a curt nod, pulling her arm up and lodging the dagger in his heart. The sound of a sizzling and popping echoed throughout the room as Discord pressed the dagger up, cutting through his sternum. Damian released her, and fell to the floor hissing,"You th-think.. that's a-" He was interrupted as she leaned over and removed the weapon, placing it in his throat madly. "Shut up.. anda don't deserve to talk.."

"They can keep me out
'Til I tear the walls
'Til I save your heart
And to take your soul
For what has been done
Cannot be undone
In the evil's heart
In the evil's soul."

She watched the vampiric life drain from him as she took the dagger out and wiped the blood from her face. Quickly she exited the back room, and found her way to the waiting Declan. A shocked expression covered his face as he saw the once pristine girl now was coated in red liquid. "You oka-"
"Get Phoebe and Becca.."
He nodded, understanding not to push it, and whistled in a shrill pitch, causing the two women on stage to abruptly stop.

The Lights when out and when the backup generator cut the lights back on the two performers were no where to be seen.


A group of four busted out the back doors, angry yells ringing from the building, as they ran to a waiting car. Declan slid in the driver's seat, Discord took the passenger, and Phoebe and Becca took the back seats.
"Did anda get him..?" The blonde driver asked.
"Yeah how'd it go..?" Phoebe asked intently, while Becca added in her concern,"Did he hurt you?"

Seven devils all around you
Seven devils in your house.

A ruby eye narrowed and she tossed the bloody dagger on Declan's lap,answering their questions.
"He'll never be a bother... for anyone.. ever.. again."


Terror hung over a sleeping form, a sleek weapon in his hand, as he pressed his lips to the temple of the body's head. It stirred and turned to face him, both eyes fluttering open in a daze,"Terror...?"
"Blade.." He kissed her cheek.
"Wh-what're anda doing.."
"I can't be affectionate with the cinta of my life...?" He asked rather disappointed.
"Well ye-"
"Hey, love, turn and lay on your stomach for me, please..?" His voice was sleek and seductive.
A harsh blush covered Blade's face and she complied, turning on her back, the tank puncak, atas hugging her form perfectly. "Good girl.." He gave a praising whisper in her ear.

The tip of a thin dagger trailed, lightly, down her back as he cut through the thin wool of the top; exposing the smooth skin of her back.
"Terror.." She moaned softly.
"Shhh... anda know what I always loved about you?"
"Your scars.."
"Especially the one that was on your back.. remember.. the on your Dad gave you." He hissed, malice lacing his words.
"I don't remember that one.."
"O'course anda don't.. Damian obviously didn't examine anda close enough."

See I was dead when I woke up this morning.

The tip of the dagger stopped mid back and he pressed the point deeper resulting in a squeek. He almost stopped. The sound of Blade being in pain hurt him, but he reminded himself this wasn't who he loved. Quickly, to get over with, he applied all the pressure he could, and almost whimpered as a dying moan came from the girl pinned down oleh the cool steel.

I'll be dead before the hari is done
Before the hari is done


Terror stood, staring at the now dead form of the duplicate. "Now that I think about it.. anda were never like her."


((That was hard it's about 2,000 words.. I think it's like 1,967- which is kinda short IMO.. ~_~ ))

((This was just something I wrote.. I didn't to intend it be real.. so all of this is just a story.. I just had to write something because I had all this inspiration but didn't know how to put it.. ope anda liked it.. if not. .Well boo!))

Song: link
Mistress Madness, Phoebe
Lady Deception, Becca