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posted by MafiaYJ
 Mafia -what she wore-
Mafia -what she wore-
"Come on Babylon please!" Mafia begged the brunnet girl sitting on the couch, playing with the tv wires. Babylon soticly shook her head. "Babylon!" Mafia wailed, "I need your help! anda can take only one target if anda want. I'll take the other two." Babylon looked up at her, eyes half lidded in boredom, and then stood and walked out. Mafia shrieked, "BABYLON! Come back! I need your help with this. They are men, and they need to be alive. So its not like I can take Twan with me on this mission." Babylon kept walking to her room, "Ask Amora." Mafia ran after her, "You know I can't ask her to do that." Babylon stopped, and with a sigh, turned to face Mafia, "Fine." Her expression led on of annoyance. Mafia cried out in joy, "Spaseeba Babylon! I have a suitcase packed for you, but if anda want anything feel free to take anything that isn't to noticeable. Oh and we're leaving tommorow morning." And then she skipped away. Babylon stood there, shocked, and still sort of annoyed. She sighed, and walked back to her room.

The selanjutnya Morning:
Babylon gently swung her suitcase around waiting for Mafia at the Zeta. Mafia finally showed, wearing her normal clothes, not her catsuit. And so was Babylon. They would change when they reached their destination. "You ready?" Mafia asked. Babylon nodded. Mafia huffed, "Please tell me you'll be a little lebih talkative on the mission. We need to communicate if we are to do this right." Babylon nodded, "Comm links, I am aware Mafia."
"Oh and call me Cadmus for the Mission. And you're simply Babs. anda okay with that?" Babylon shrugged. Mafia gave her annoyed look, but typed in the coordinates. "come on!" Mafia berkata and walked through. Babylon sighed and quickly followed after her.

They landed in a city, a big city. It wasn't New York, it was San Fransisco. "So where do we go?" Babylon asked. Mafia walked into the city streets, "We go to the Mui Mui Club." Babylon paced after her, "The clothing brand?" Mafia nodded, "Da, they have one now. And it was rumored that our 3 targets would be there." Babylon growled, "Do i really have to seduce him?" Mafia kept walking, "Da! We need to get them alone, and make sure they aren't on to us." Babylon sighed, as she loved to do, and they finally spotted the Club."Lets get dressed, and fast."

Mafia waited for Babylon, and smiled when she appeared, "You okay with the bernyanyi part?" Babylon nodded, "I'm no charmer, but I can sing. Beside I'd rather sing than take out the 1st target. The less people I hurt the better." Mafia shrugged, "Alright, so lets go." And walked confidently across the jalan, street in her low back, thigh slitted purple dress.

Babylon followed suit and entered through the door. It was loud, and stunk of humans and alcohol. Her nose wrinkled at the smell, and Mafia pushed her to the DJ, "Man this little Lady has a song for us! She gonna sing it!" Mafia used her Russian accent and sultry purr to speak and pursuade. The DJ finally allowed Babylon the floor, and she walked slowly up the staiirs red stilletos clicking on the stage, and an old fashioned mic stood on stagge. She walked over to it, and looked at the DJ to cue the music.

The musik began and she kept an eye on Mafia who was making her way to the back of the room, she was headed to a man in a pressed black suit, surrouned oleh women. And Babylon began her song,
"Ever since I was a baby girl I had a dream
cinderella theme
Crazy as it seems
Always knew that deep inside that there would come that day
But I would have to wait
Make so many mistakes
I couldn't comprehend
As I watched it unfold
This classic story told I left it in the cold
Walking through an open door that led me back to you
Each one unlocking lebih of the truth"

Mafia walked in the back, catching the attention of the man goding him over to her, tampilkan her pantat, keledai to him in flitters of her dress. Babylon knew if Amora had been called in, it never would have worked. Amora was deathly afraid of men, and with good reason. She watched Mafia pulled the man from his seat, grinding up on him to the beat of Babylon's voice.
"I finally stopped tripping on my youth
I finally got lost inside of you
I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my mate has met my soul."

Mafia was leading the man away from his seat, his hands attached to her breasts. And she was laughing, Babylon almost shivered at how at halaman awal Mafia looked with the situation. But she did this very often she was sure. And she blinked back into her song, "Now my destiny can begin
Though we will have our differences
Something strange and new is happening
Now my life doesn't seem so bad
It's the best that I've ever had
Give my cinta to him finally."

Babylon got into the song with her sould and people swayed to her voice, and Mafia took care of the first target. Finally her song ended, and Babylon stepped of thestage, smiling and waving as people cheered. She turned, and bumped into someone. "oh so sorry!" she said, looking up, and into the face of, just her luck, a Target.
Babylon took a step back as he gave her a charming smile and she fought back a scowl, replacing it with a smile. "Oh hellp there!" she purred. Her eyes closing just a bit, and smiling.
"Hey pretty girl. I loved your song." he said, his black jet hair shining, along with his too white teeth. Almost made Babylon want some shades. She quickly searched for Mafia, who was at the bar, flriting up the bar tender into getting her a free drink that was going to be drugged. Babylon sighed, and did as she had been instructed, "Why thank you! I never really thought I was that good."
"you can do some pretty good things with that mouth." He grinned devilishly at her, Babylon forced a sultry voice, "Hm.. you'd be so surprised sexy."
The words sounded so dirty on her lips. She hated it, how could Mafia do this for a living? The man put an arm around her waist, and pulled her to him.

Babylon almost roared in anger, but held it back. She could not jepordize the mission and then have Mafia ask her to help her again for the same people. Babylon flipped her hair over her shoulder. The man was smiling way to much. She didn't like it when men smiled at her like that. Sure there were the exceptions, but this man was not one of them. "Then we should put that mouth to the test." he smiled and slapped her ass. Babylon jumped, but did her best to cover up her grow with a purr. She hoped it was convincing.

On Mafia's side of the operation, things were going smoothly. She had bought the drink, drugged it and found her target. She gave him the drink, akting drunk so he could get drunk with her. She used her hands to randomly explore his body enough that he was willing to get pulled up and dragged into a room.
Like most men, who wouldn't want to get dragged into a room with a sexy, drunk, red head, girl who seemed willing to have sex with him? The man was just like all the others. And followed her, woozy and dizzy from the drink. Mafia worked up her happy go lucky, face with a glint of deception.
She dragged him in the room, and threw him on the tempat tidur and as she climbed on puncak, atas of him, and stabbed a needle to his neck. And the man went limp. She made a face and climbed off the unconscious man, "Yeah, Twan would hate this so much." And gagged him and tied him up selanjutnya to the man she had gotten earlier. She hoped Babylon was alright.

Babylon was busy growling and trying to make it sound like moans of pleasure at the man kissed her neck and breasts. Had this been someone she loved atau liked even, it wouldn't have bothered her so. She could totally understand how Mafia was able to kill them after somrthing like this. She wanted to kill him now. Well she better make her pindah now. "mmm babe, let me put my legs around you." The guy liked the sound of that, and let her up, but as he did, Babylon swung her foot out, and knocked the guy off the bed. He cursed and called her a bitch. He tried to grab at her, but Babylon pulled away. but not enough that he grabbed her dress, and ripped it. Babylon growled as she stood there her weapons clearly visible on the straps they were held on, and only her red lingere Mafia made her put on. The man's eyes widened. And Babylon growled, and rushed at him, using the butt of her gun to memukul him across the face, she was about to do that again, when a hand waws slapped across her face. Hard enough that her lip burst, and she spit out blood. She stared at it, and looked up with red eyes. "Haven't anda ever learned it ISN'T POLITE TO HIT A LADY!" And she shot him with a dart. The tranquilizing kind. He fell to the ground, everything aroundhim going black.

She looked behind her as Mafia walked in, panting, "We gotta move, they saw me on camera, I got the bodies out, grab him and lets go." Babylon sighed, and picked up the man, and ran out after Mafia. They heard a shout from behind them as a bullet zipped past Mafia. "FASTER!" she screamed. "I HAVE A MAN ON MY SHOULDER!" Babylon screamed back as they raced up the stairs to the roof. "Damn." Mafia hissed. she hated heights. She peered over the edge, luckily they weren't to far from the ground, and the car awaiting them was there. Babylon dropped the body into the open trunk, and jumped down.

Mafia hesitated but followed. The man driving the car raced away, and Mafia pointed to where they had walked to get to the club, "We are gonna have to run. Can you?" Babylon sighed, "Sure." Mafia nodded and ran. Babylon went right behind her, people stared as they ran by, and they disappeared into a alley ignoring the whistles from onlookers. They Zetaed into the Cave.

They both froze as Gunfire, Alex, and Amora stood there. They had been chatting until the two girls walked in. Amora burst into laughter. And fell the to floor. Alex yelped and covered his eyes, and turned his back to them. Twan stared and walked over to Mafia and dragged her out. Mafia called, "Get dressed Babs." Babylon looked down and raelized she was only in lingere.
"Second time! detik TIME!" Alex shrieked hysterically. Twan's fading voice could be heard from zeta, "Second time? Who's the perv now?"
Babylon's face went red and ran to her room, hte door slamming shut. Yup, she never should have done that mission. Nope, nope nope.
 Babylon -singing-
Babylon -singing-
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