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posted by Blitz359
The guards went down before they could even blink.

In an instant, Scotch had shot 3 of the 5 guards with a syringe-like projectile in the unprotected part of their neck, which embedded themselves into the flesh and injected a fluid into their bloodstreams. As the guards fell unconscious, Valeriya played her flute, which caused the last 2 guards to collapse to the ground, writhing in pain from an inaudible noise. One of the guards' senapan fired a shot as it hit the ground. "They won't die, but the sound will leave them deaf for a couple of months." she reassured Cain as he looked over at her curiously, changing back into his original form. "We need to keep moving, but fighting here is not good for us," Richi told his team. "If we hear anymore guards coming down here, we need to bebek into the nearest floor."

Without another word, he continued heading up the stairs, tirelessly running up without breaking a sweat. Cain stared at him incredulously. "He's changed. I didn't notice it before, but he's a lot lebih assertive." Val shrugged as she began to climb the stairs. "Been like this since we've met him. He gets the job done thou- ow!" Cain noticed her clutching her side. "You've been shot. Ri-" Val interrupted him before he could call out to the blonde leader, who was several flights above everyone else. "No need. Guess I need to take a break now."

She snapped her fingers three times and began to shine brightly. Cain averted his eyes to avoid being blinded as Val's physical form changed. When the light died down, in place of the brunette was a teen with night-black hair. "...Who-" The black-haired teen interjected as he walked over to the railing. "Name's Zephyr. anda gonna stare at me all night atau are anda gonna catch up to Rich?" Leaping over the railing, a gust of wind blew up from under Zephyr, and he began floating up. In a few moments, he had already caught up to Richi, who was waiting for everyone at the 12th floor. "Showoff..." Cain muttered as he continued running up the remaining 7 floors between the group and him.


Catching up with the trio, Cain nearly collapsed onto the floor. Richi raised an eyebrow. "Tired already? Figured you'd at least be a little out of breath, not near dead exhaustion." The exhausted teen glared at the blonde leader. "Not everyone has increased endurance and stamina, and I never travel in my regular form." Zephyr rolled his eyes and went through the floor's door, Scotch following him. "Where's he going?" Cain asked. Richi offered a hand to Cain as he explained. "There's guards coming down. We need to continue on the West Wing's stairs." They entered the floor and surveyed the area.

"It's a storage floor." Scotch noted. Zephyr's eyes, which were glowing green, reverted back to their original red color. "About 7 guards in here. Three patrolling, 2 watching a bola basket game on a security monitor, and the last 2 guarding the door to the West Wing stairs." Cain stared at Zephyr for a moment in curiousness. Richi explained it to Cain. "He can survey an area oleh sort of... looking through the eyes of air. It's complicated."

Cain shrugged as Richi turned to the other two comrades. Motioning to them to follow, Richi walked into the corridor and fired a shot from his pistol. "Eliminate all hostiles, but use non-lethal weapons." His own sword morphed around his hands, and black brass knuckles formed on his hands. They glowed red and sparked with electricity as he gripped them. As he rolled up his sleeves, Scotch loaded a new clip of the syringe-like bullets, and Zephyr pulled out his stun-stick from it's holster. Cain selected the red-haired assassin disguise once more, and coated his dirks in a special liquid from a container hanging from his side. The guards came out and noticed the group. "Freeze!"

"Don't think so. Let's go."
 Cain's assassin disguise
Cain's assassin disguise
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"What'd anda mean anda give her permission?!" Koda asked harshly. with the other two young men Superboy and Akash behind him with their arms fold.
"Lelisa been coming over at our house pretty offend and I kept telling her to tell Alanna do what they wanted so I guess they did." Kaya said, finishing with a slight smile on her face.
"Have anda lost your mind? What's wrong with you?Do anda have any idea what you've done?!! And..."Koda yelled at her but was interrupted.
"Of course I know want i'm doing!" Kaya yelled back.
"Then what are anda doing?" Akash asked quietly from the back.
"Alanna wants to show...
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posted by Kurls_Basd
 Ashley in civvies
Ashley in civvies
Events of before and during the fire.
Ashley had just finished with a mission. Jaivus was her temporary bodyguard oleh Kaya's orders, he had just picked her up from her phone booth in her blonde wig with blue jeans and shirt
"Let's get ice-cream." She says with a thumbs up. He didn't answer but rather turn and continued walking down the road. She rolled her eyes and ran up behind he pulling his hoodie down. Jaivus turned to her exposing his sapphire eyes.
"You really are annoying." He replied, in a low tune walking away from her. She walked briskly pass him grabbing his hand.
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posted by Robin_Love
He slipped in through the open window, looking around for nurses atau doctors. No one was in sight as he moved the girl's bedside. She was sleeping now, but he hadn't really told her he would come back before visiting hours in the morning. She had woken up, almost like she refused to be trapped in a coma. And he had talked with her all day, listening as she explained the things she gone through.
And he was suddenly thankful it wasn't as bad as he had imagined. He should have been terrified that she seemed unaffected oleh this last kidnapping. But she had waited until Becca left till she broke into...
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posted by Mclovin_69
Name: JD ( Jared Dammon Morse)

Alias: none

Age: 18

Appearance: dark wavy brown hair and rich blue eyes, always wears snapback.

Personality: JD is a very nice and funny guy to get along with, he hasn't met one person whose had a problem with him. He is very understanding and will do anything for his friends and loved ones.

Powers/Skills: he has the ability to see the potential of people. basically he can see what they can fully do and have that others may not. (ex. he would be able to see someones skills, way of thinking, and talents)

Relations: owner to Shane

Civvies: jeans, a sweater, converse,...
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posted by Robin_Love
And I am not even finished yet!!! UGH! XD

She flew down the steps, knocking the two guards away.
“You sick fools!”
Her hands worked on the collar, eyes glaring at any who approached. She snapped the kerah off the girl's neck, working on the chains next. Kuran stood behind her, watching. When released, the girl clung to her, whimpering in fear. Tara held her close, protecting her shivering body.
“Why such an interest, Tara?”
She turned to glare at the vampire king. Her blood was boiling and she stood with the girl in her arms.
“You dare to bring someone so close to me into this trouble?!...
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posted by AislingYJ
I already introduced her, but since I'm pretty sure no one actually read her bio the first time, here we go again!!! I'm gonna start RPing with her now, for reasons.
Name: Carmen Vidal
Alias: Moanna
Occupation: Hero
Age: immortal but looks 16
Appearance: about 5’6”, slender, lightly tanned skin, short wavy brown hair about shoulder length, dark brown eyes, Hispanic
Personality: sassy, sarcastic, rebellious, headstrong, friendly, bitchy to anyone she doesn’t like, really nice inside even though she’s super sassy, outgoing, confident
Civvies: She usually wears old fashioned clothing; dresses,...
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