Sarah, minus the wings.
Thought anda needed to know about Scott's "innocent" little sister.

Name: Sarah Clancy
Alias: "Angel" As called oleh the battle front.
Appearance: Sarah is a girl with long silvery white hair and emas eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the afterlife school, white knee-high socks and brown loafers and a pale blue barrette on the back of her hair.
Powers/skills: Hand Sonic: Calls forth a single blade atau a pair of blades on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel atau even easily dispatching of Shadows.
◾Hand Sonic [Version One]: Regular shape resembling a longsword.
◾Hand Sonic [Version Two]: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip.
◾Distortion: Allows her to deflects bullets and other projectiles away using an invisible shield in front of her. The drawback of this skill is that she has to take it down should she want to switch from defense to offense.
◾Delay: Creates a sort of after-image for close range. It is effective in dodging melee attacks oleh confusing the enemy into attacking elsewhere. ◾Overdrive: A passive ability that gives her superhuman strength.
Past: Sarah had a normal, before she died. Once she did, she awoke in the same place as Hinata. The almost afterlife. Because of her white hair, the battlefront labeled her automatically "dangerous." The only one who really knows who she is Hinata. Being himself, he goes all the way to protect her.
Handsonic: Version 1
Handsonic: Version 2