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posted by AislingYJ
I was really bored, so I decided to make wordy gurdies for the OC’s. If anda haven’t heard of these before, this is how they work. The answer to the wordy gurdy is a 2-word phrase that rhymes. The first word is the name of an OC (it can be hero name, secret ID/civvie name, whatever). The clue to the wordy gurdy is another 2-word phrase (it can be lebih though) that doesn’t rhyme, but gives clues to the answer. The name clue could be their last name, civvie name atau hero name, etc. The detik word is usually a synonym atau keterangan of the detik word in the answer. The goal is to figure out the answer (duh).
Clue: Kyra’s smiles
Answer: Fin’s grins
Get it? Good.

1. Dimension’s huge parties
2. Watson’s birthdates
3. Coaxoch’s gelatins
4. Kyra’s bad deeds
5. Gunfire’s yards
6. Howard’s cleaning ladies
7. Ducky’s medicine
8. Adams’ objects (southern style!)
9. Dev’s numbers
10. Becca’s knives
11. Willow’s dollars
12. Scarlet’s restaurants
13. HotShot’s spider-homes
14. GravityBoy’s bombs
15. Eclipse’s arm covers
16. White Lightning’s plant holders

Yay. I might possibly give pujian to the first person to get ‘em all! xD
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posted by BladeYJ
 Blade and her Dad.. (She doesn't like him -.-)
Blade and her Dad.. (She doesn't like him -.-)
((Kurls, if anda read this I didn't realize anda had an OC called Serenity ;-; So I'm sorry about that... Cause it just happens to be Blade's middle name Dx I'm sows!!))

I took Damian's hand and he lead me back into the mansion, the lonely idle building in the middle of a forest. His touch was cold, but comforting as he pulled me in, locking the grand doors behind him. The thought of being stuck here still didn't stomach well and I'd give anything to be some place else. Unfortunately, for me, my apartment was taken, oleh a wonderful passionate couple in love, it was sickening. So my last resort...
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posted by SilverWings13
Her face was too pale, her breaths were too quiet, too ragged. She was stiller than her partner had ever seen her. Even while she slept, the girl's aura buzzed with energy. But she was not sleeping. Alek had overheard Dr. Xian speaking to their leader. She was unconscious, in critical condition, at risk of slipping into an indefinite comma. Blood loss and internal hemorrhaging as a result if the beating she had taken.
Not sleeping.
The boy could barely make out the meager intakes of breathe, the nearly unnoticable rise and fall of her chest. The only sign to him that his partner was truly still...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
...I haven't diposting in forever, and I've finally started developing Lexi so that she can be used in things :P

Name: Alexis, atau Lexi. Preferably Lexi.
Reason atau meaning of name: Apparently it means I'm shy and humble.. hm.
Eye Color: They're brown.. however i do have specks of blue.
Hair Style/Color: Jet black and super silky! Although it's very.. jagged. I may atau may not have cut it off with some glass.. out of.. angst?
Height: 5'6. Taller than my brother and still growing.
Clothing Style: I tend to wear very bright and what's the word? (Frilly?) That! Like, pinks and...
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posted by Robin_Love
She woke up feeling cold, shivering and opening her eyes. The time was lost on her as she looked out her window. She hurried to it, looking at the dimly lit white scenery. Snow..! It had been so long since she had seen snow. She breathed on the glass pane softly, a smile growing on her face. It was still early, but she couldn't sleep now. Quickly, she put on some warm clothes and ran out.
The crunch of snow under her boots jolted her jantung and she could feel the excitement rush through her body. She ran around, dancing around the snow till she fell into it, panting softly. Joy bubbled through...
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