Virgil sighed and dropped his backpack on the ground beside the couch. He couldn't believe his history teacher.

"Hello Mr. Hawkins. You're two menit late because anda were saving the city this morning. Double homework for you!" Virgil imitated his teacher as he spilled the contents of his bag on the floor.

One of the notebooks spilled on the blonde teen sitting on the floor with a book in her lap, a pencil in her mouth, and her thoughts skyward. She looked at Virgil. "Do anda mind?"

"Sorry." Virgil said, pulling the notebook off. However, it wasn't his.

"Hey!" Cassie exclaimed, jumping up and trying to snatch it back.

"Dear Diary," Virgil read aloud, dodging Wondergirl's attempts to get her notebook back. "I went on a mission with Robin today. It was an easy win over Bane. And Robin did most of it! He didn't take any credit though. Humble. I also think he looks better without his cape. Dear Diary---"

Virgil was cut off as Cassie knocked him across the room. Virgil tossed his flying disk on the ground and flew towards Cassie, electricity arcing from his fingers.

"Hey!" Robin yelled, walking into the room. "Calm down!"

Nobody listened.

"Batman! Come here!"

Virgil and Cassie froze.

"Now," Robin said, crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm going to Gotham. Don't tear the place up while I'm gone. Back in half."

Cassie and Virgil watched him go before Virgil jumped off his disk. "Y'know, to have lebih in common with him, y'might wanna change your name to 'The Blonde Wonder'." Cassie growled, snatched her diary back, and stormed off to her room.

"Go write that in your diary!" Virgil yelled. Cassie's door slammed. "No wonder humor there."

Virgil sat down and pulled out his math. He quickly did the homework before noting the room was silent. Too silent.

Without getting up, Virgil unwrapped his new CD, plopped it in the musik player, and turned the volume up to full.

"Fight the criminals! Chase the bad guys! Save the world, fly through the sky! Kid I'm amazing! Okay, Static Shock, let's face it!"

Virgil hummed to the words as he sat down to do his science. Cassie walked in.

"DO anda MIND?!" she yelled. "I'm trying to study!"

"Study what?" Virgil taunted. "The Boy Wonder's build? Want me to get him to flex his muscles for you?"

Cassie growled and stormed off to her room again. Five menit later, she was back.

"Virgil!" she called sweetly.

"Huh?" berkata boy looked up and got a blue cupcake to the face. His musik shut off.

"Hey!" he yelled, chasing after Cassie. She walked to her room.

Virgil snuck up and looked through the cracked door. Cassie was laying on her stomach with her book in front of her and his CD tossed away carelessly. Spotting a stereo belonging to the girl behind her, Virgil discovered his plan of revenge.

He picked up the CD with his powers and plopped it in the stereo. He turned up the volume, turned the stereo on, and sealed the metal door shut.

"Static Shock! Whoop! Whoop!"

"VIRGIL!!!" Cassie yelled, trying to open her door after finding it futile to take the disk out (Virgil magnetically sealed the disk tray shut). After that failed, brute strength came into play while dents went in the door.

"I didn't think this through." Virgil said.

Cassie threw the door at him. He caught it with his powers and tossed it aside. He leaped out of the way of a super meninju, pukulan from Cassie.

"Whoa! Whoa!" Virgil said. "Let's think killing your team mate through!"

Cassie swung at him again, Virgil ducked and sprayed her with lightning. The two charged each other and interlocked hands, lightning spraying between them.

"Virgil and Cassie, sitting in a tree..."

The two broke off their fight and turned around.

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Robin sang.

"Dude! Not funny!"

"What?" Robin asked. "I thought anda were for a second. anda two were touching noses!"

Cassie and Virgil proceeded to rub their noses vigorously.

Robin laughed and noticed Cassie's hand covering her stomach. The spot were Virgil had hit her with lightning.

"You okay?"

"Fine." Cassie grimaced.

"I'll get the first aid kit." Robin sighed, walking off. Virgil gave Cassie a sheepish look. "Virgil! Is that cupcake on your face? M'gann is going to kill you!"

Virgil sighed and wiped the food off his face.

"Grab a water balloon!" Cassie whispered.

"What?" Virgil asked.

"Get a water balloon and soak him!"

"Ah..." Virgil said. "Right!"

The lightning male ran off as Robin came back. "Where's Virgil going?"

"Bathroom." Cassie replied quickly.

"He's weird." Robin said.

"You're telling me!" Cassie said.

"Is that why anda have a song about him playing at full volume in your room?"

Cassie looked up in horror. The musik had completely slipped her mind.

"Uhh.... He set it up!"

"Mh hmm." Robin muttered, pulling out a bandage. "Uh.."

It took Cassie a full ten detik to understand his meaning.

"Oh, right." Cassie said. She lifted up just enough of her shirt, three atau four inches, to expose the bruise from Virgil. Robin started wrapping a bandage around it as Virgil snuck around the corner. He spotted Cassie and gave her a thumbs up. She glared at him.

Virgil walked up behind Robin and looked at the berwarna merah muda, merah muda balloon and the blue balloon in his hand, studying them as if it were critical which balloon he threw.

"Hurry up!" Cassie mouthed.

"Okay!" Virgil shrugged. He continued studying the balloons.

"Almost done." Robin said.

"Ah, what the heck?" Virgil exclaimed out loud. Robin turned and caught the blue water balloon in his chest. Cassie caught the berwarna merah muda, merah muda one in hers.

"VIRGIL!!!" the two exclaimed.

Virgil laughed and levitated a piece of mistletoe above the two. "Come on!"

"It's July, Virgil." Robin said, trying to wipe his uniform off.

"It's July, Robin." Virgil imitated. "Magic still works. Gotta kiss!"

"Recognized: Nightwing, B-01."

"I'm leaving!"

"No you're not!" Virgil said, gluing the two's feet to the floor with static electricity.

"What's going on?" Nightwing asked, walking over. As soon as he comprehended what was going on, he burst out laughing.

"Not funny!" Robin exclaimed.

"This happened to me and Zatanna one time!" Nightwing exclaimed. "It was--"

Everyone stared at him.

"Five years ago!" Nightwing exclaimed.

Robin sighed. "So are anda gonna get us out of this atau what?"

Nightwing mused. "Nah."


"Just kiss!" Virgil exclaimed. "I'm getting tired! And that's your only way out!"

Robin and Cassie looked at each other. Robin ever so slightly gestured at his hands. Cassie saw the bird a rang and nodded she reached up to pull him into a kiss--

--and Robin tossed the bird a rangs backwards, distracting Virgil long enough for the two to get free.

"As Lagoon Boy would say..." Robin started.

"'re going to get it, chum." Cassie finished.

Virgil backed up before running off. "Nightwing! Help! Heeeeelllllllllllpppppppp!!!!!!!!"

Nightwing laughed.